Secret’s Out!

I had my second prenatal appointment yesterday morning. It went really well. Little bao looks good in there. (New nickname, who dis?) He or she was really moving up a storm – stretching out her legs and flipping over. So cute! So tiny! At one point, he held up a tiny little fist and our ultrasound tech captured an image. Almost looks like he’s waving.* The NT results were normal, so that’s the first sigh of relief. My doctor ordered my first round of labs and they drew – no exaggeration – seven vials of blood for various tests. Hopefully those results look good as well.

He and I also covered the topic of a potential VBAC. Long conversation short: he doesn’t perform them because his practice is not set up in a way that would make it safe. He can’t guarantee that he or a suitable colleague would be available and he can’t guarantee the hospital staff would support me at the time. Basically, he said if I wanted to do it (which he said it is a possibility for me, so he’s not trying to discourage me) I would need to find a different doctor who specializes in them. I’ve got some time to think about my decision, but it’s definitely something to decide on sooner rather than later.

In all likelihood, I will stick with the repeat c-section. I already grieved the loss of the experience of labor, as I could see exactly what my future would hold when we were told the dumpling would need to be delivered via c-section. So I oddly feel at peace with the decision. It is was it is and all that.

And so, with a successful second check-up under my belt, I’ve started spreading the news. I told my office today. I’ll tell my exercise students over the coming weeks. As we see friends and neighbors, I won’t tamp down on the impulse to mention the pregnancy. Such a fun time!

And now for the most important news of the week: I have found my dream place to eat while pregnant. There’s a new development in the area. It boasts several fine dining establishments, as well as a unique dining hall. They call it an “artisinal” food hall and I can see why. This isn’t your typical food hall fair of Sbarro’s and dubious delis; it has Neapolitan pizza and poke and handcrafted waffles and hippie tacos. It has Peking duck and crepes and organic popsicles. Fancy fried chicken and specialty waffle fries. So many options!

We went on Sunday for the first time and I was in food heaven as I tried delicious K-Pop brisket fries and the most amazing strawberry and lemon curd waffle (yes! waffles!). Then, caving to my craving for sushi, Luffy got me a tuna poke bowl that was just incredible. Our last food stop of the day was for some gelatto a block away that was also well worth it. All in all, very delicious.

AND THEN. The poke place sent us a coupon, so I drug Luffy back out there yesterday for a second round. We had the poke bowl again, but I also tried the Neapolitan pizza (delicious!) and had a fantastic chocolate cupcake for dessert. And since, at the bakery shop, I couldn’t decide between the chocolate cupcake or a lemon bar, I got them both and had the (ah-mazing) lemon bar later on.


*I can’t remember what I did about pronouns before we knew the dumpling’s gender. I’ll probably just ping pong back and forth, so I’m sorry in advance for the confusion.

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