Traveling alone for the first time?

Traveling alone for the first time?

Hey guys, I'm currently waiting on some results from a college / design school application and I want to somehow use the spare time to do something for myself. Even if it's only a few days. I really want to get out of my comfort zone and other than a trip to Prague over new years eve I've not been on a holiday for almost two years… So it's definitely due.

All my friends have complete other schedules than I have and that's why none of them has time to travel with my right now. Living in Germany, I'd like to stay in Europe for my trip. Just to not be that far from home (only for the first trip). I thought maybe about Scandinavia or something.. I'm not really looking for 35 degrees and beach, I prefer great nature, mountains, hiking, cultural stuff like museums maybe and also I'm just a big fan of Scandinavia (who isn't lol).

People with travel experience always told me that going on your own really teaches you stuff and that it is easier meeting people when you're not already traveling in a group etc. But I still got a lot of worries:

  1. Being safe.. I don't know if that sounds pathetic but being alone (as a girl) in a country you don't know seems kinda scary. Which accommodations would you recommend? As a student I obviously can't sleep in a hotel every night but even though I'm a huge fan of camping.. It's probably not a good idea on your own.

  2. Being bored.. I'm scared that I'll sometimes don't know what to do with my time and that time flies and suddenly my trip is over and I haven't seen as much as I wanted. Is it best to plan everyday beforehand or just do everything spontaneously?

  3. Not meeting new people. I'm not the most outgoing person to be honest. I often struggle finding my way into friend groups, most of the time I have to get introduced by someone to connect with people. But I'm also not a loner. Any ideas / experiences regarding that topic?

  4. The costs. Not one of my biggest fears because I worked a lot the last year and saved some money for traveling but still. Scandinavia isn't very cheap (is it?) and maybe there's someone who's got some tips on how not to come back with zero money..

Also if there's anything else you think would be helpful to know beforehands, I'm grateful for any tips and tricks or ideas and I'd love to read about your experiences (good but also bad ones). Thank you! ??

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