Korean Air First Class Flight Part 1

In July 2018, I redeemed 160,000 Chase ultimate reward points and paid $303.76 in fees/taxes for 4 Korean Air 1st class tickets to South Asia.

Majority of the points were earned from opening up two Chase credit cards – 50,000 points from Chase Sapphire Preferred and 50,000 from Chase Sapphire Reserved. Bonus points are rewarded after spending $4,000 on each card. Easy for me to do so because of Waan Waan Sweets.

Chase allow points to be transfer among their many credit card products. I transferred 50,000 points from Chase Preferred to the Reserved account. The transfer is instantly. At the time Korean Air was a chase flight transfer partner, I transferred 148,000 to Korean Air. It took 3 business days. I already had some 12,000 Korean Air Miles from the previous year.

As of August 2018, Korean Air is no longer a flight transfer partner. You can still book Korean Air flights with the Chase Ultimate Reward Travel Portal. The portal is powered by Expedia. However, from past experiences, it’s always best to book with the airline directly.

I used the Chase Sapphire Reserve to paid for the flights. Every year, there’s a $300 travel credit. It’s like paying $3.76 for a $16,000 trip!

The flights are as followed:


As soon as you board, drinks are offered. I opted for hot tea because from past experiences, I always get sick on these long flights.

Leg room for days!

For the transpacific flights, I received a toiletries bag, slippers and a set of pjs to keep. Boise noise canceling headphones were loaned. For some reason the pjs fit me perfectly and they’re super comfy.

Meals were 5-6 courses. Clavier is a plus.

Lunch – sometimes I opt out of what they offer too. Too much food.

I slept for 5-6 hours and woke up. The stewardess somehow knows whenever I’m up. Below was what I had as mid flight “snack”.

Lunch was exciting. Dinner included a salad, bread, fruits and a seaweed udon.

This was probably a once in a lifetime kind of experiences for me. I love how easy it is to check in, get on the plane first and exit first. Checked bags comes out first too!

While I enjoy the perks of flying first class, it is kind of weird to have the staff greet and bow to you. Like, y’all don’t want to know how much I paid.

In the future, I would like to try Singapore Air business class. Dream big people. Anything is possible!

Stay tune for 1st class lounge review and food pictures from the other flights. Thank you for reading!

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