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Hi y’all!

In just five days I will be on my way up to Wilmington, Delaware. Most of you are already aware of what I will be doing there, but I will give an overview just in case. I have been accepted into a summer internship with UrbanPromise, an organization that does many things to help the cities they are planted in. There are too many good deeds done by this non-profit to list here, but the one i’m lucky enough to be involved in is their summer camp. UP Wilmington has several camps across the city in which kids 1st-8th grade are entertained, and 9th-12th grade are employed. Specifically, I will be doing the academic class called Zainy Brainy as well as managing the house that I am staying in. The goal is to spread the word of God to the children of Wilmington while also providing reliable child care. I plan for this blog to be not only a journal of sorts for me, but also a way to keep friends and family updated and share my experiences as I step out of my comfort zone to serve others.

With that out of the way, I want to say man, am I nervous! In the next two months I will be challenged with new responsibilities, new relationships, and all types of situations. I honestly have no idea how to prepare for this emotionally. I have prayed, primped, and packed, but I am terrified by the fact that I won’t know if I’ve done enough until the internship begins. On the other hand, traveling to a new place and meeting all new people makes me ecstatic. As the raging extrovert I am, any opportunity to meet new people is a good one. Even scrolling on the Facebook group makes me giddy, and don’t get me started about meeting a whole group of kids and playing scholastic games with them- that’s a combination of a few of my favorite things (Cue Julie Andrews).

Overall, I look forward to seeing how God decides to stretch and mold me throughout the rest of this summer, and I’m very excited for you all to join me on this ride!

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