Malaysia Madness

I recently came back from a trip to the beautiful country of Malaysia. My family and I spent 2 weeks and explored the amazing islands of Kuala Lampur, Langkawi, and Penang. Having visited Singapore and India in the past, this was my third trip to Asia and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

As this is also my first time writing about my travels, I will be brief, and let the photos do much of the talking.

Our trip started off in Kuala Lampur, where we reached on Christmas day. It was lovely to spend time in the Tune Hotel and enjoy the breakfast buffet and see the shopping! Even though it was only for a few hours the airport/shopping centre was beautiful and we had dinner at @MakansTable at the Tune Hotel.

Landing in Langkawi, there we jetted of to the amazing Taj Bekal at Bebak Islandi!!

Bebak Island and the Taj was beautiful!! It was really nice to unwind from everything and social media for a week and simply partake in lifes pleasures. Day to day was spent simply relaxing by the pool, eating amazing food and going to the gym. As the hotel was spent on a private island privacy was inherent, and transportation was spent by scheduled jet boat to and from the main Island of Langkawai.

We spent one day exploring the rest of Langkawi and saw the skyrail and amusement park. The heat and crowds were a bit frantic!

The last day was spent exploring the smaller islands and Pentai Chenang. Afterwards, for a final treat, having seen jetboating happening on the ferry ride back I was super keen to try it, as I feel like it is important to experience the country through sport and really SEE it, for all it’s natural beauty instead of just seeing insides of shopping centres.

We booked a package which included transportation, food and insurance and late in the afternoon, Mum and I spent 1 hour driving to the NAAM island for jetskiing. Called ‘Paradise Island’ located just near Pantai Kok. The NAAM package included jetskiing, a banana boat ride and flying fox.

Jetskiing was an amazing! Initially being a weak swimmer I was hesitant, however the instructors were very accommodating and reassuring and it was amazing to see the island in the vast open sea.

The drive back was quiet and restful, and we had a relaxing dinner in the hotel with room service ??

Then it was time to leave Langkawai and make our way to Penang!

The best part about travelling in Asia is the proximity! Every flight is half and hour to 45 minutes and if booked correctly can save your wallet! We travelled Air Asia and landed in Penang where we checked into the Maritime Apartments! The apartments were spacious and breathtaking and room enough for 20 people! Visiting with our family, it was interesting, as we think it was designed as a party house! LOL

Penang nightlife was super chill but buzzing! Being a bit tired from the heat I stayed in the hotel and rested, while my parents visited the Buddhist temple.

The food around Penang is sensational! And would definately recommend the seafood!

Breakfast was a quick walk by the harbour to the McDonalds and then headed back to our apartment to head off to the airport for a flight back to Kuala Lampur.

Back at the Kuala Lampur we stayed at the beautiful Fraser Suites! The Studio Apartment Hotels were absolutely stunning and we stayed there for 2-3 nights spending New Years!!

On New Years Eve we had lobster for dinner and watched the fireworks from the sky!

We then went to Bukit Bintang to do shopping and it was an EXPERIENCE!

We managed to get quite a few goodies including handbags, wallets, shoes, soaps, clothes and accessories.

The next day was the final day. I spent it packing and in the evening we visited the Petronas Towers and went to the nearby cafeteria and had indian food!

After a last amazing breakfast it was time for flight back to Sydney!





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