Anemopsis Californica

Yerba Mansa or the Bear Root

Yerba Mansa - Bear Root+

The past few years have held many traumas.  Many disintegrations.  Many challenges.

A number of failures.

But as we all know, it is during such times that we truly learn and grow.  Experience life to its fullest.  We see and feel things differently.  Our senses more heightened, we become witness to many transformations, within ourselves and within others.

We taste the sweetness of different waters.  The joy of different times.  The wonder of travel.

Simultaneously with pain.  With loss.  With sorrow.

New souls come into our lives.  Others depart.  Some reveal a different character.

New bonds forged, others lost.

And during this most recent tumultuous time, I had many encounters with the Bear.

Physically and metaphysically.

So its symbology became important to me.  The Bear symbolizes resurrection, as it emerges from the cave of hibernation.  Supernatural power and strength, it is the whirlwind.  The Bear is a reminder to go within and awaken the power of the unconscious, but we must bring that out into the light for the joy of life to be fully experienced.

Not all truths are compatible with the rational mind.

For example, people have visions of the desert being a barren wasteland.  But there are many biomes in the desert.  Take sand, volcanic and metamorphic rock, add upheaval and a low-lying stream bed, and you get this,

Yerba Mansa - Bear Root 2

an entire field of Bear Root.

Beautiful, mystical.  A fairyland of dreams and images.  A chimera, in the sense of something hoped for that is impossible.  Impossible?  I think not.

We may not see that mythological fire-breathing incarnation with a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail, but there are rarities, beauties beyond the imagination, just waiting to be discovered, both without and within . . .

In Metta


Photos: In the Southwestern desert, where I actually witnessed a morning fog ??  Oh, and I’d say this field of flowers covered a minimum of a full acre.  For a more in-depth read on this symbolism, see my prior post, “The Bear.”




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