The Illusion

The magician took the stage to a soundtrack of Depeche Mode. The crowd was unmoved as the chorus hit and the magician ‘reached out’ for an audience volunteer.

“Thank you all,” the magician said as the song faded out. “Welcome to you and welcome to my special guest. What’s your name, ma’am?”

“Marrisa,” answered Marrisa. She waved to the audience.

“Marissa, thanks for coming along. Are you ready to see some…magic?” The magician pulled a bundle of fake flowers from his sleeve and handed them over to Marissa. She smirked and took the flowers.

To the audience’s delight, the flowers instantly turned into a bird once Marissa’s took hold of them. Cheers and laughter erupted.

The magician had them all right where he wanted them.

“There’s more, friends. Oh yes, there is more,” the magician said. Marrisa thought the tone was a bit threatening.

“Please, watch this. Only this,” the magician pointed to a giant pocket watch, moving back and forth, back and forth.

Marrissa looked too.  It was hypnotizing. It was all she could focus on.

The clock stopped moving. The audience snapped back to reality.

The magician was gone.

“Hey! Someone stole my pants!” A voice from the audience shouted.

“Where’s my belt?” Another person called.

“My shoes are tied together!” Cried out yet another.

The audience applauded. The trick was magnificent. The entire audience had something stolen from them while they were otherwise distracted.

Everyone except Marrissa. As people laughed and cheered about the scale of the theft that had taken place in the name of entertainment, she stood on the stage and wondered what she was supposed to do. She could not just stand there with the magician gone. The act was over. Things were stolen and people were pleased to see something go according to a plan for once. She thought it would be awkward to just walk away.

Her decision was made for her when her phone buzzed with a text message.
“This is American Banking. We have detected activity similar to identify theft. We stopped it. You are safe.”

“I friggin’ hate magicians,” Marrissa said as she left the stage.



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