Shadow and Flame? More like Give me back my heart….

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Shadow and Flame

By Mindee Arnett

A young adult fantasy published by Blazer + Bray on June 4th, 2019

Rating: ?

From acclaimed author Mindee Arnett comes the thrilling conclusion of the stunningly epic, action-packed, and romantic fantasy adventure about a powerful girl possessed of strange magic, the outcast prince she loves, and the kingdom that has torn them apart.

Kate and Corwin are on the run, desperate for allies in a new world of war among the kingdoms of Rime. As the book opens, Kate suffers a massive loss, one that will shape the struggle for freedom of all wilders and magic folk—that is, if Kate can learn to control her own power.

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Date: 4th June 2019

Date: 18th June 2019

This review is going to be a little different. Not only is this part of The Fantastic Flying Book Club Blog Tour for Shadow and Flame, but I will be interspersing my review with some of my favorite quotes from the book!

OK. So…

Holy crap! I thought this book was going to break me. But it didn’t. It destroyed me. It was an emotional roller coaster. Mindee Arnett has a way with words that, honestly, gives a reader two options: either fall madly in love and get your heart broken or look at everything from a distance and still get your heart broken.

So I was going into this expecting my heart to be broken. And broken it was. Set four months after Onyx and Ivory, Shadow and Flame takes all of our favorite characters and a few new ones on an immense journey.

One I never saw coming. Kate, Corwin, Bonner, Signe, and Dal learn things they never knew about themselves, their choices and the consequences that come with those choices. Each of these characters go through hell. And I mean hell. But they come back stronger and wiser for it. The ending wasn’t my favorite but it definitely worked with all the characters’ arcs.

Kate becomes, in one way or another, addicted to her power and the supposed safety it brings her and her friends. She believes her sway is justified because she’s protecting those she had left in the world. Without realizing that she’s hurting herself in the process. Kate, in Shadow and Flame, starts to question a lot of things, including herself. Because of this, the way the others treat Kate is also called into questioning.

Corwin for instance, changes a lot through the course of Shadow and Flame. Not the least of which is the way he looks at Kate. For him, she has become cold and distant. Corwin, in order to survive, did some questionable things and he believes that those actions caused Kate to grow distant. He had almost become complacent in, not only, Kate’s feelings but in their future. Shadow and Flame disrupts that.

Signe accepts her destiny. That’s the biggest thing about this. She spends Shadow and Flame coming to grips with her relationships with Kate, Dal and herself. Signe and Kate almost become foils to one another. They each cause the other to challenge their way of thinking and reacting. It was artful, the way Mindee Arnett constructed the fights and discussions and arguments between the group of friends.

Dal…he’s an angel. I love him so much and I’m not letting anyone say anything bad about him.

Bonner. Wow Bonner. He really came into his own in Shadow and Flame. Bonner accepts his father’s death and tries to become the man his father would have been proud of. He definitely succeeds. Bonner doesn’t struggle with the changes as much as the other characters do so he ends up dragging his friends along with him. Which I found to be adorable.

In Shadow and Flame, Mindee Arnett tried all those loose strings with a perfect little bow.

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