Unit 13 FMP — Final Exhibition !!!


It finally comes to the day for the final exhibition!! I was feeling so excited as it is my first time exhibiting my photographic work in front of the public. I was so blessed of having a lot of people’s support to help me to achieve this goal and I could say proudly that I did it well, not only with the development, and also with all the setting ups, narratives and overall I found it so successful to target my audience.

My flow starts from where I grew up ,which is the family in Hong Kong. I especially displayed these interactive moments during our family meal, expressing the meaning reunion for me. It is my starting point as well as the designation for all of my journeys and I am sure that my family will be always staying here to wait for me to come home or supporting me for every of my leave. Then it transfer to a larger picture of cities. It come to the cityscape of Hong Kong and in these photos, it emphasising different social situation happening in the society, ageing industrial buildings, the disparity of underprivileged and richness, the traditional constructions in the city e.t.c. all these things have their own meaning to stand out from the society and they are all the points to rise people’s awareness, not only for my nationality, and also awarding the global attentions. After that, I transported myself to U.K, by placing some photographs about transports ( I even hand up a photo I took when I was on the flight way back to U.K) metaphorically means a new journey for me is started and a new hope is bringing into me. And then all those photographs are about the different places I have visited over these terms( you can check out my previous blogs to see what I have gained). By visiting these places have given me realisation to understand my identity as an outsider in a strange city and the reason why I have to stay away from my home to achieve life goal. These places, including Southampton, Stonehenge or Liverpool and Cornwall have allowed me explore more about the culture about England, given me information from different aspects to open my eyes at different landscapes.


This exhibition was totally a large success for me and thank you those specially came and support me. I would like especially credit to my mum who came all the way from Hong Kong to support me at one of my life events. Her arrival mean so much to me as to sum up all my realisation and growth through my journeys and I feel so glad she was here to witness this.

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Processed with VSCO with ss3 preset


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