Books on the coffee table

Exactly what I said it was

Does he read? Er, well, um not as much as in the past. Thanks to some recent thrift store visits and the recent Value Village 50% off book day my stacks over floweth.

I must be truthful as the poetry books by David Whyte have been read but, my soul takes solace in having any poetry nearby. Also read were The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene which I’ve been revisiting as a reference lately. On the top of the second stack Compelling People is a recent find with The Charisma Myth, No One Understands You, and Creating Personal Presence previously read awaiting distillation into my commonplace book or to note cards. The David Whyte books, The 33 Strategies of War and The Charisma Myth were book store or Amazon purchases.

Those four books (Compelling People, The Charisma Myth, No One Understands You, Creating Personal Presence) all involve similar if not outright identical areas. While all four books are decent reads with information gleaned, my recommendation or overall hands down choice would be Dianna Booher’s Creating Personal Presence.

Creating Personal Presence is a book grounded in action and results. It reads like someone who has been in the trenches or living in the real world, skin in the game as they say. The other books read like fuzzy academia work often does. They feel good while reading it. Offer up some tips and strategies but, fall short. At least three of them including Personal Presence reference the authors website(s) or business(s) for further knowledge and if I was in a position for such I would again seek out Dianna Booher.

My hope given the sheer number of baby boomers downshifting or semi-retiring that some actually considering writing first hand accounts of lives spent in the trenches. These books I believe would be well received. There are good quality well written books about subjects by many in academia as were those three but, there is a definite edge in any book written by anyone who has been in the trenches of the real world beyond corporate boardrooms.

We see this in the writing of writers from the past who lived life outside of their study or classroom. Their personal growth as well as their craft growth is self evident. We see huge differences in Historians who have visited and explored the very areas they teach from those only familiar with the text or other media experiences. There is no replacement in life for direct experience.

This is why when we see a 20 year old life coach we all laugh because frankly what life have you lived? By the time I was 20 I had done some serious stupid shit with still more dumb stuff on the horizon. Not remotely close to directing someone else on their path.

Hopefully if you’re younger you are out there living life as much as possible. If you’re closer to my age just begin exploring even locally with the eagerness of an adventurer.

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