Why fat based diet is better than carbohydrate based ones ?

Lets jump right into the action. We will first start by listing some of the problems created by eating a high carbohydrate diet and some known problems of a ketogenic (fat based) diet.

Disadvantages of a high carbohydrate diet :

1. It increases body fat

Our body first converts all the different types of carbohydrates from food, mainly polysaccharides, disaccharides and monosaccharides, into monosaccharides – glucose, fructose and galactose. Mostly in diets polysaccharides are in the form of starch (glucose polymers), disaccharides are in the form of sucrose (glucose + fructose) and lactose (glucose + galactose) and monosaccharides are in the form of glucose and fructose. Our body uses enzymes known as amylolytic enzymes for the digestion of carbohydrates. End products of carbohydrate digestion are 80% glucose and rest is fructose and galactose.

After the digestion, glucose is transported either for use or storage. But as we consume high amounts of carbohydrates, glucose levels are very high in the blood. This forces our body to convert most of the glucose into triglycerides (by a process known as de Novo lipogenesis). When our body has reached its capacity to store glucose in the form of glycogen in the liver, muscles and kidney, it is converted to triglycerides and are then stored in the form of fat cells in and around the liver (known as visceral fat) and under the skin (subcutaneous fat). The glycogen and salt both work to hold water in the form of water weight and increases our overall weight.

2. High blood sugar

As mentioned above, most of the carbohydrates we eat are mostly converted to glucose. This increases overall sugar levels in our blood. High blood sugar levels introduce various problems. Most common is the formation of AGEs (advanced glycation end-products). These AGEs form when sugar molecules bond with protein and/or lipids in our blood plasma. They create complications in a human body like retinopathy (eye damage and eventually blindness), nephropathy (problems in kidney and eventually kidney failure) and cardiomyopathy (heart problems and eventually heart failure) (redundancy intended). This is mainly because AGEs are sticky and clog up the arteries.

High blood sugar levels also causes neuropathy (problems related to nerves and nervous system). High blood sugar induces insulin resistance (which is covered in next point) and formation of AGEs. Both work together to create some serious and life threatening conditions but, the brain is at the most risk in those complications. High blood sugar damages hippocampus which plays important role in formation of new memories, and affects our emotions and learning abilities. Your hippocampus is another part of the body, like liver, which can regrow if special care is taken. So no worries (jk).

3. Insulin resistance

When our blood sugar levels are high, our pancreas secrete more insulin. Insulin is a hormone which helps regulate blood sugar levels and also has many other functions as well. Insulin acts as a key to open the gate to the internals of a cell. Sugar and other things can enter cell only in the presence of insulin. So, when we have high blood sugars, the insulin in blood increases accordingly.

After exposure to such large amounts of insulin in the blood, the cells become resistance to insulin over time. They become less and less sensitive to the insulin. This is insulin resistance. Because of insulin resistance, our pancreas produce more insulin to counter the insulin resistance which only worsens the situation. Due to insulin resistance, more insulin is required for absorption of things into the cell. It becomes difficult for cells to absorb all those amino acids (building blocks of protein), minerals and sugar (glucose).

It also affects various organs and their functions. For example, when liver develops insulin resistance and our insulin levels are already high, the liver starts to accumulate fat. This is because insulin triggers utilisation of that excess sugar and its conversion into fat and cholesterol. Thus, over time, our liver starts to get more and more fatty. This then leads to the replacement of normal liver cells by scar tissues which are fibrous. These tissues inhibit the normal functioning of the liver. As the condition worsens, more and more of the liver gets fibrous and can lead to cirrhosis and eventually, liver failure. (All about fatty liver and insulin resistance will be covered in other post)

Disadvantages of High Fat diet :

If you consume a perfectly balanced or at least a very healthy fat based diet like healthy keto, you will have the following problems :

1.Expensive : If you are fat or have even a moderate amount of fat on you, you will lose it. So, you will have to buy new clothes or at the very least, get them to your new size which is very expensive. You will also be consuming healthy food which by default, costs more. But if you follow my guide, you can save money on food, so no worries.

2. Friends and Family: Your friends and family will not understand what you are doing and if they are ignorant, it will be very difficult. They will worry about your health, oppose you, make you look like a fool, be jealous, envy you, etc. You must be ready to handle all those new emotions and situations.

3. Tons of Energy : You will have so much more energy and stamina and you will feel so wonderful that you will find it difficult to figure out what to do with all this energy. Your mood will improve and you will feel so enthusiastic even over small things which others can interpret otherwise and you might also doubt your sanity. Like who gets excited for a walk ?

4. Weird Looks and comments: With this out of the ordinary diet and energy and mood, people will give weird looks and comments. Like you won’t eat anything unhealthy so friends and/or family will give you weird looks and comments. When you go out to eat, you will reject most of the items on the menu and what the place has to offer, people and the staff will give you some serious weird shit look.

5. Difficult to Socialize : You are going to have a hard time socializing with others because for this generation, everything revolves around food and drinks. This generation relates relaxation, fun, enjoyment, bonding, socializing, etc with food. And here you are my friend. Go find people that are really fun, not just the old boring type.

6. You will not be appreciated : You will not be appreciated by the food and drug companies any more. You will be given the cold treatment, ridicule, weird looks, mockery, etc by the food manufacturers, sellers and the drug companies and pharmacists. They simply won’t like you because you will hardly ever need any medication or junk food because you are letting your body’s powerful immune and self repair system to heal and keep you healthy.

The advantages of carbohydrate based diets are the disadvantages of fat based diets and advantages of fat based diets are disadvantages of carbohydrate based diets. I trust you to understand it without me explaining. But for the sake of it, i am listing some points even though.

1. Your cravings will go away and you will not feel like eating any more. You will now eat, not for satisfying your cravings, but for giving your body the nutrition.

2. Your body will not suffer from lower carbohydrates because there are no essential carbohydrates. There are essential amino acids and fatty acids but no carbohydrates because your body doesn’t need them, but we still feed our bodies the things it doesn’t need.

3. You fix insulin resistance. When you fix insulin resistance, your body absorbs way more nutrients than it did before. So, you need to consume less food than you did before because your body has become more efficient.

4. Lower blood sugar levels and lower body fat. Your body will become healthy and get rid of the excess fat it had stored. It will also lower your blood sugar levels and bring them to the normal levels because when you lower sugar from your diet, your body will convert your own body fat to sugar by first lipolysis and then gluconeogenesis.

5. Increased productivity. You will have increased bodily functions such as better cognitive functions, more physical stamina and energy, better moods and your productivity will increase as a overall result.

6. Your skin will improve and your PCOS will go away. It will also increase the efficiency and functioning of your heart.

7. Lower to no risk of diabetes, cancer, etc. This will be further explained in detail in other posts, but for now, just remember this, your overall health will improve and risk for kidney, heart, brain and liver diseases will lower. Risk of cancer will go down to hell or even negative. You just need to touch others to heal their cancer.

8. In the long run, you will have the lowest risk for developing old age problems like dementia, arthritis, brain fog, etc. This is because you body is healthy and your organs function well and have lower stress and have to deal with less problems. So, you will not burn out your organs way before achieving your senior citizen tag.

Stay tuned for more content like this and even more interesting and informative ones by following this blog. For now, saw howdy to this good boy and relax.

What’s up fellow human ! Get ready to live an amazing life.

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