Finally Have Peace

Today I want to talk about how I finally have peace. I spent many years going through what I didn’t realize at the time was a form of depression. I spent so many years  battling with self-esteem. I didn’t know my worth as a person. I looked for my self-worth in the person I was dating or the friends I had versus within myself.  It wasn’t that I had a horrible upbringing. I just for reasons that I’m still discovering didn’t value myself as much as I should have. I held on to friendships and romantic relationships with people for far too long. I would settle for people because I guess in some ways I thought it was the best I could do. I spent years feeling lonely, although I wasn’t alone. I spent years feeling like no one was there for me, although I had so many loving family members. One day I went to a church and a woman I had never met before prayed for me. It sounds cliché, but I haven’t felt the same since.

The day the lady prayed for me my life started changing. It was a very very slow change over a course of years, but it was still a change. I started not wanting to do the things I use to do. I actually want to go to church now. I actually want to read and spend time with God. I look up a few years later and can’t believe the person I am now. Two, three, four years prior you wouldn’t have caught me in church like I am now. I can’t believe the things I do now. I never imagined I would do things with God. I never imagined I would want and be excited about going to church. I realize that now I’m not depressed. I’m single, but I don’t feel lonely. I have a new found confidence like no other. Now I don’t look at people to define my self-worth. I truly wake up knowing that God has got my back no matter what. I can face situations now and not get bothered as much. It’s crazy when you know God is on your side. I don’t spend time sad anymore. I finally have peace in my life. I mean true peace in my life. There are some things I have been praying for for several years that haven’t come yet. I don’t stress and I don’t worry about them as much anymore. I have peace just knowing God is taking care of them in his perfect timing.

I just want to encourage anyone
reading this to know that in God you can have peace. No matter what your
situations are with God those situations won’t get you down. Things may be
taking forever and a day or seem like they are never going to change, but God
hears your prays. Joy will truly come in the morning. Which morning, I don’t
know! However, I guarantee you joy will come one of these mornings. Hold on and
don’t give up. God is there for you.

Dear God,

Help us to find our peace in you. Be with us as we journey
through life. Though obstacles and tough situations will come, help us to hold
on to you Lord. Even when we want to run from you, get down, or give up help us
to keep going. Lord, I pray you cover us daily. We need you Lord, because we
can’t do this on our own. Be with us each and every day. Amen.

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