The Getaway

I landed in Miami 1:30 am. Arrived at the apartment at 2:30 am and ventured out in my swimsuit.

Now, I am not stranger to nighttime dips in the ocean. However this was the first time I went on unexplored terrain, usually I tend to know what the beach looks like in the sun.

There was some residual light that allowed for some dark outlines. I saw a dark mass in a thick line in front of the water. Seaweed? I hope so. A dark figure down the beach from me laying in the sand, sleeping? Really hope so.

I gingerly ventured into the warm seaweed soup, and dipped in and out. I checked on my silent nighttime partner down the beach, they kindly didn’t stir.I reciprocated by leaving them to it and headed back to call it a night.

Next morning I decided to try the more traditional version of a vacation: Sun, beach, food, and light reading.

I played this trip by ear, and needed to figure out where to go for the nightlife. I decided to ask the people who would know, the party girls on the beach.

Me: Hi, sorry to interrupt. Where can I go to party?
Them: Um…Mangos?
Me: Where would I find these mangos?
Them: *Laughs* South Beach
Me: Gotcha, thanks

I realize now, if I were a man, the police would have dragged me away in cuffs. However now I had a place to go, plus Ras kindly supplied me with another great location: LIV. So with two places in mind I headed out the door.

In the cab ride to Mango’s, I chatted up fellow passengers and the driver for where to go and they did not fail me.

  • NOT Mango’s
  • Bodega’s
  • Drunken Dragon
  • Cameo
  • Story
  • Dont even think about it
  • Mac’s Club Deuce
  • Mr Joes

Safe to say, I was dropped off at Mango’s but I did not go into the “touristy” spot. I tried to go for Cameo’s but they were not open yet, instead the doorman kindly directed me to the next best thing: Kill Your Idol.

Behind the bar, there was wall of napkins with drawings on them. I tried my hand, if you stop by will you let me know if made it on the wall?

20190531_225006_HDR (1).jpg

20190531_224934 (1)

Chatted up some new friends, but I was on a mission. I made it to Bodega’s and they did not disappoint. After while, I bounced over to Drunken Dragon’s secret spot.

I just ordered a taxi to go to LIV when I had a better offer.

Them: We are going to a different spot, want to join us?
Me: Only if you show me how to cancel my taxi.

Soundtrack: Like I could be anywhere (Youtube version)

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