Taiwan – The Last Days

My fifth day in Taiwan was Elaine’s last. We commented multiple times how well our schedules had lined up – we’d arrived on the same day, and I was leaving the day after she was. We wanted to do similar things, and were generally on the same page with hanging out and having our own time.

We started the morning a little later, after the hostel check-out time. We went and got a true Taiwanese breakfast. It was a hole in the wall place, with one lone English menu. You circled what you wanted and brought it up to the counter. They prepared it right in front of you and put it on a tray.

The food was delicious – I had a pork bun and something that may have literally been fried dough (slightly less delicious). I also got rice milk, which I hadn’t tried, but was very tasty.

Next we made our way over to a park. I sat on a bench and finished my book, enjoying the sun and the good weather.

Next I headed over to Yongkang Street, a little road with all kinds of little shops and food stands along it. I explored the area and got my daily dose of bubble tea.

From there I made my way to Daan Park. This is essentially the Central Park of Taipei, and I adored it. I spent at least two hours just wandering around the park, sitting on benches, petting dogs, and people watching. There was also a free concert going on in the middle of the park. I couldn’t understand anything being said – for some crazy reason it was all in Mandarin – but I enjoyed the music and the atmosphere.

By the time I began my walk back to the hostel, it was golden hour. I stopped to get some Taiwanese fried chicken – a “local” dish I hadn’t tried yet, since Elaine was a vegetarian. I wandered back to the hostel and just enjoyed being present in the city.

That night I hung out with Elaine before she left to catch her red eye flight. The next morning, I slept in and wandered around the area near our hostel. I got some bubble tea, explored some markets, and eventually made my way back to get my backpack and head off to the airport once again.

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