I was lucky enough lately to experience gorgeous, undiscovered Havana! Cuba has been so forgotten about over the last 15 years that it literally feels like you travel back in time!

Out of all of the countries I have been to throughout the years… Cuba so quickly went to the top of the list! Everything about this country was incredible! The friendly locals, the 1950 convertibles, the old buildings! I was in love by the first night and hadn’t even made it out of old Habana yet.

Where to Stay

As beautiful as Cuba is; it is a third world country. So finding the right accommodation is important and saving your parents from stressing! To get the best experience, everyone stays in ‘Casa Particulars’ aka. home-stays. I went through Airbnb to find the best host after a bit of searching, I found the best!

All of the hotels and hostels are government owned and do not get your moneys worth… so I didn’t even think twice about it. Especially as a budget traveller, want to get as much out of my money as possible.

We had a beautiful terrace overlooking Old Habana and experienced one of the most beautiful sunsets. You can also go to Castillo De Los Tres Reyes Del Morro for a sunset over looking the whole city.

Every morning our host put out an amazing breakfast of fresh fruit, smoothie and eggs. And then took water from our “mini bar” since on the streets it is surprisingly difficult to buy water!

Getting Around

For the ultimate Cuban experience, find a nice local guy and a gorgeous 1950’s convertible… for some reason most of them are pink so will be easy to find! Started out driving past the El Capitolio and to Chinatown, Revolution Square, José Martí Memorial, John Lennon Square. And considering we paid for one hour, ended up being with the driver for about 4 hours! Occasionally started raining so would take cover for a one or two mojitos!

Also, just spend time wondering around Old Havana. Take a few turns and get absolutely lost, considering there were no maps or service. All of the locals are super friendly so if you find yourself too lost then turn to one of them, just try to remember your street name.

What to pack

  • Hat & Sunscreen – Can’t stress this enough! I’m one that doesn’t like to use sunscreen too much but all year round the city is boiling hot!
  • In saying that, light clothes – Occasionally evenings will get a little chilly but all you’ll need is a light sweater.
  • Camera – I never use my phone for photos because I have my cannon. But I swear will spend half your time looking through the lense.
  • Cash – Your not going to come across any place that has a card machine. So bring enough Peso’s to last your entire trip.
  • Passport – this is an obvious one, but lock it up! In a safe if you have one. Take care of that beautiful thing.

Last but not least, have the most amazing time and savour every moment!

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