Naples- Bonus Trip

I have a love/hate relation with Florida weather- only reason the hate comes in is due to all the A/C problems that are associated with the heat. Thankfully, having to travel to see the repairs done also mean I get some extra time in the sun and salty waves.

Siesta key (Sarasota area) from above
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The one place you HAVE to try in Naples is the Old Naples Pub. It is set in a courtyard nestled in the middle of Third street shops. Ivy and live plants surround the building, and literally makes it feel as if you’re eating in a greenhouse. The pub is one of the first standing structures in the town, and has many historic items and photos. They are famous for their kosher pickles on every table, and go by the saying “Get pickled at the Old Naples Pub”.

The flowers around the shops at Third street south- the new shopping and dining area.
Yes I have to/love smelling every flower I come across.
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Another hidden gem of Naples is The Bad Ass Coffee shop, which is where the coffee cup above is from. It is a Hawaiian based company, with shops in a few U.S locations. They have premium Hawaiian coffee from Kauai, Waialua (Oahu), Maui, and 100% Kona coffee.

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The back of the cup with a short history.
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The homes off of gulf shore blvd are breathtaking, but so are the majority of the homes all across Naples. The home above is considered “smaller” for the area, but is one of my favourites. The immaculate clean cut, yet simple, gardens make it very Floridian to me- along with the light colour scheme on the outside of the home. The further south you go along Gulf Shore, the more fancy and secluded the homes get. Donald Trump, Judge Judy, governor Rick Scott, and even Keith Urban has places in Naples, mainly on the beach in the area called “Port Royal”. A lot of big pharmaceutical and electronic company CEO’s/founders make up the majority of the area.

Such a basic photo, but one of my favourites as it really represents Florida to me.

When in Naples, I always make sure we hit The Cheesecake factory and Olive garden as we don’t have them back at home.

sweet fav= Adam’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake
My FAV- asian lettuce tacos

The most famous part of Naples (is not the people in it) is the pier, where every night guaranteed you can catch a beautiful sunset. The pier was just totally re-done after being pretty much destroyed in hurricane Irma.

Last sunset pic I promise- until next time
The pier at 7:30am, which IMO is the best time to fish/walk, as it’s a comfy temp
Baby dolphin and it’s mom coming up for air. It is also manatee mating season, so we saw a couple of them swim by the shore. They can stay under water for up to 20 mins, so it is super hard to get a good pic of them.
A beach entrance off 13th street, which looks so tropical to me.
All the homes lit up at night are my fav to see
All the palms, planters, and buildings are always strung with beautiful lights every day of the year.
My fav ice cream shop in town- Kilwins’. They even will deliver straight to the beach- right to your lounge chair.

OK I lied sorry one more sunset picture. I find the best part of the sunsets are actually after the sun has set, and you see the after glow on the clouds above.

BONUS if you read my Ecuador posts- found my fav Juan Valdez cafe instant coffee at the grocery store in Naples.

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