The Affiliate Link Database!

A few days ago, I wanted to gather some Bookdepository affiliate links from my mutuals and some blogger/book clubs as BD is my to-go bookstore and I love to support others. It became clear very quick that others were very interested in me sharing my list. In that moment, I decided to make my spreadsheet public, open for everyone and also include Amazon links. This way I started with the creation of..

The Affiliate Link Database spreadsheet!

What are affiliate links? An affiliate link is basically a regular links and act just like that for the customer. The difference is that these are linked to an affiliate-ID. This way the store can track any purchases made through them and reward the affiliate with a small commission for diverting traffic to the site.
The tracking software is smart, so it doesn’t matter if you got a link to the homepage and just go scrolling and purchase after or get a link to a specific book and buy another. Using an affiliate link doesn’t cost anything extra for the customer and neither changes it your shopping experience.

Besides the standard purchasing through an affiliate link, Amazon offers affiliates something called ‘bounties’. In short, this means that for every free trial sign-up through an affiliate link will grant the affiliate £3/€3 or more! It costs you absolutely nothing to start a trial and you don’t even have to complete the full trial for it to support the affiliate! Even if you don’t plan on actually using the trial, you can feel generous one day and start one. Affiliates can also generate direct links for those services, in case you want that. I also made a tab in the spreadsheet with specifics.

The goal to create a low-pressure support system. Bloggers often want to support eachother but the ‘how’ usually consists of Ko-Fi donations, wishlists or art commissions, but budgets always ruin the fun. Affiliate links offer a great ”two birds with one stone” option as now you can support someone while doing your personal or blog purchases and it doesn’t cost you any extra!
The whole idea of this spreadsheet is to encourage people to open up the spreadsheet and use one of the links the next time they plan to purchase something. It’s a tiny bit of extra effort that will make someone else’s day. In the meantime, someone else might do this for you if you are an affiliate yourself.

Everyone is free to add themselves or their friends to the list and use the links provided, even you aren’t part of the database. In fact, I even encourage you to do so and share the spreadsheet with your friends, followers and fellow bloggers. I will only ask you to not be an ass and leave your link if you aren’t planning on supporting others.

I can’t emphasize more on the fact that nobody should feel forced or pressured in any way to buy more than want or get their purchase of Bookdepository or Amazon just to support others. This spreadsheet isn’t meant to create a ‘buy to support’ mentality. It is to ignite a ‘if you buy, you can support’ mentality.

I really hope this spreadsheet will boost some support between bloggers and booklovers. Let me know if there are things that need to change or added!

Want to become an affiliate yourself?
Go to the Bookdepository Affiliate sign-up form or to the Amazon Associates page! (Make sure to select the right Amazon store region before clicking the sign-up button!)

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