Shadow Eyes #2: Luminous Spirits Review

Luminous Spirits (Shadow Eyes, #2)
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Luminous Spirits is the second book in the Shadow Eyes trilogy
by Dusty Crabtree. Iris is finally coming into her powers and has started to go
on more difficult missions with Gregory, Patrick, and Kyra to save people from
the shadows that prey on them. But her best friend Lexi is being completely
left out of the picture. She isn’t a light warrior and can’t go on the missions
for safety reasons, but Iris is now spending all of her free time training.
Soon, the shadows start to come for Lexi, and Iris has to figure out how to save
her best friend. Her relationship with Patrick is also hurting because of a new
girl named Lila that won’t leave him alone, and her ex Josh has come back into
the picture and reminds Iris of how things could have been.

I am loving this trilogy so far! Iris has truly blossomed
since the last installment of this series and has finally started to become a
full-fledge light warrior, but she is still learning some important things. For
example, she has to learn how to tell shadows apart in order to figure out how
much strength will be needed to remove it, or if it can be removed at all. Some
shadows are so strong that they have already started to kill their human hosts,
but most can be removed before they get to that point. The shadow description in
this trilogy has been done so well, as the shadows aren’t simply random “villain”
encounters. The shadows have voices, the shadows can speak to their hosts, and Iris
has to intercept them. I felt as though the shadows were real as I read this,
and felt as if I wanted to be a light warrior to save people from the shadows
that plague them.

The only thing that I didn’t like in this novel was how quickly
Iris seemed to jump to conclusions. She seemed pretty indecisive about her relationship,
but the minute her boyfriend does something totally out of character for him,
she is willing to believe the worst. This could just be my bias against love
triangles coming out, but I don’t see a love triangle in the near future for
this series. This book focuses mostly on Patrick though, which made me glad.

My two absolute favorite parts about this book were learning
about Patrick’s past and the side story with Iris’ best friend Lexi. Patrick
wasn’t always a light warrior, and he starts to tell Iris more about his past self
in this book. I am a little confused as to the timeline with all of this, but I
understood what was happening when he was telling his stories. A lot of new
characters were introduced this way, and I enjoyed learning about the new people
in this world. It also really touched me to have Lexi not be forgotten, and for
Iris to realize how she was hurting her friend. In most books where a kid gets
powers and leaves their friends behind, the friends either turn out to be evil,
secretly have powers too, or just “don’t understand” so it is reasonable that
they are forgotten. Lexi tried to be a good friend, but she kept getting pushed
to the side, making her an easier target for the shadows that latch onto sad

This was an amazing installment in this trilogy! I would
recommend the Shadow Eyes Trilogy to anyone looking for a new YA fantasy or
urban fantasy series.

I received a copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 books.


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