Eating Healthy – Suggestions

Eating Helathy

Easy to say, not so easy to apply. 

But no worries!

Tips, advices and fun recipes are coming in this article.

Remember that to integrate new elements and change our usual “bad” habits takes time and it doesn’t happen from one day to another.

It takes time and patience, but the results are worth it.

Here we go:

-Eat regularly: following a rhythm and allowing your body to metabolize it is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Skipping entire meals to lose weight won’t change anything. We should always eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and also in during the morning and afternoon. Advised number: 5 meals a day.

-Water? Yes, yes, yes! It’s the element that we are most made of and it’s so important to have it a lot during the day. So many positive effects are connected to it, from being less hungry to increase our productivity and hydration. 1,5 to 2,5 liters are day are optimal for everyone, especially for those ones that do a lot of physical activity.

-Colors are your friends: each aliment, especially vegetables and fruits are very rich of minerals and other elements that are very important in our body. Each one of them have different properties and vitamins: be sure to integrate as many different varieties as you can. They will help your digestion, immune system and boost yourself up.

-Be various: carbs, proteins, fat and minerals are what we need in our nutrition. Alternate always one another and try to avoid eating twice a day the same aliment. A good combo could be for example carbs at lunch and proteins at night or viceversa always accompanied by vegetables and fruits.

Last but not least I suggest you guys to create a food diary where you registrate and write down what you eat during a certain period of time, a week, for example.

It will help you a lot to see what to keep and what to improve.

And It will make you more conscious about your daily assumptions.

Try it! ?

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