HOW TO MEAL PREP (As a Picky Eater)

Meal prepping can be really intimidating! Portion sizes, how long does it last, how do I not get bored? I got you!
But Victoria, I’m just starting to get on this healthy wholesome food wellness lifestyle and I don’t like green things.

Don’t worry, I’ve created a little pep talk to get you started.


1. Figure out what works best for your lifestyle
– Hot meals (microwave)
– Cold meals (fridge)
– On the go (pre portioned),
– How long you’re out of the house, if you need to be full or recovery foods.

2. Invest in good containers! Keeps food fresh, safe, and hey get some pretty ones. You’ll be more inclined to eat your lunch or dinner out of a proportional cute glass Tupperware or trendy mason jar.

3. Start small. Make a list of what foods you like that provide nutrients- nope, chicken tenders don’t count (I wish they did)
We’re talking the golden circle of complex carbs, – Quinoa
– Potatoes
– Brown and Wild Rice
– Whole wheat breads, pasta, flour

Healthy Fats,
– Avocado
– Nuts
– Extra virgin olive oil
– Coconuts and coconut oil

And lean protein,
– Skinless chicken and turkey
– Beans and lentils (Honestly my LEAST favourite but hey, lets give ’em a try!)
– Fish and shellfish
– Eggs

Find what will keep you full for at least 3 hours and thats a great combination. Snacks are an easy way to sneak in extra protein of fibre.
Choose lunch or dinner, breakfast can be added eventually (refer to step 1)


4. Add some colour- We’ve been conditioned since children to fear green: leaves, beans and broccoli oh my! when really its the most important part of our diet! Add some bright yellow peppers to add some flavour to your chicken, or bold red tomatoes as a savoury side.

Thinking hey this might not be so bad, maybe I’ll like something new? A bright sweet potato!? Your body will thank you for some diversity to an otherwise beige plate.

5. Mix it up! The same thing every day is boring and won’t help to expand your food choices. The same exact thing everyday will cause a plateau faster than your food expires in the fridge.

“Yeah bro, I eat plain chicken breast with broccoli every day” That must suck by at least day 3, bro.

Routines are great for the mind and body, but tastebuds? Here’s how you can change it up

– Use your chicken to top a fresh salad
– Marinades make a world of difference
– You’d be surprised how far some olive oil, salt and pepper can change your meal

Sick of rice? Try veggie rice!- Seriously not that bad…

– Cauliflower with a bit of hot sauce is my favourite!


6. Make it Fun! Enjoy cooking, make it a self date, set time aside to cook and listen to a new playlist or audiobook, or let this be a detox and let the great kitchen aromas relax you. Knowing that YOU made this will be a contributing factor to enjoying your plate tomorrow…and the day after that…and the day after that. Think about how wonderful, easy, and cost effective this will be and it’s no longer a chore

7. Keep it simple, don’t get overwhelmed, stick to a basic principle of protein, carbs, good fats. Understand what portions you need and deserve. This isn’t a restaurant with 22 options; stay within your comfort zone and be accepting with change. The Croc pot, oven and stove top are your new friends- trust me.

8. Enjoy! Meal prepping can seem so daunting but I believe its well worth any and all effort put into it.

Feel like trying something new? Let me know what your new favourite food is!

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