Changing Frat Parties into Something Else

This article is quite interesting, although not for the reasons why many people will think so. I find it interesting because of the comments of the people who criticized the photographer. The money bit is here:

White wrote that she objected to this portrayal of women as “enablers” of fraternity houses, which on some campuses are the centers of social life for men and women alike.

White writes that women should not be denied the right to go to parties. “Rather, we need to make men more attentive to their own actions. Grown men should not need the removal of women to prevent them from assaulting, harassing or objectifying them — they should know well enough to never act that way in the first place.”

White wants to make frat parties into something else. I don’t know how she escaped knowing this, but everyone knows (or quickly learns) what a frat party is about and the kind of people who go there. She wants to party with frat boys without the consequences of so doing. I don’t have any sympathy for her. You don’t get to redefine things to be something else that you like. Get the freak over it.

If it’s her conception of frat parties being the epicenter of college social life that the article is stating up above, that’s another problem. That’s not true and I doubt it has ever been true except at really small schools two generations ago.

If she wants frat boys to behave better, what remedy does she have? Nothing more than the usual feminist wordmongering which guys tune out faster than you can say “ombre”.

The reason why she has no solutions? The only working solution rests upon constraining the behavior of the men as well as the women, and she doesn’t want to reduce her right to party, which if I’m to go on a limb, means be promiscuous. She just doesn’t want men to be promiscuous or sexually forward in the way that men are.

The photographer was right. If women disliked frat parties so much, they wouldn’t go, and the whole problem would dry up. Women do enable the bad behavior of men by putting up with it. To really put a bow on it, White is merely complaining that the men she didn’t find attractive were being forward with her.

It’s the same ol’ same ol’.

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