IMG_1900.jpgDublin is the capital of the republic of Ireland and is the largest city in Ireland. Dublin is a historical yet contemporary centre for education and arts. As of 2018 the city was listed as an Alpha destination spot, voted by Globalization and World Cities Research Network. This places Dublin in the top 30 cities in the world.

Like most of my travels, I was only in Ireland for a short amount of time. I stayed in an Airbnb above a pub that was walking to the CBD. There are so many cafés and restaurants in the CBD, it makes it really easy to pick somewhere to eat. It is also quite clean and easy to get around with public transport.



I have heard so many amazing things about Dublin, yet when I visited Dublin, I felt it was a little hyped up. Of course, I loved the history and the warming food, yet I kinda expected more.

I visited the Temple Bar which is an area where they play live music and is a project art centre. It is quite a big tourist attraction, which is why you get charged ridiculous amounts of money for food or drinks. You even get charged on the amount of time you are sitting at the restaurant.

The great thing about Dublin is you can nearly walk to every destination. I recommend starting the day at St Stephen’s Green which is a stunning centre park with ornamental late, waterfall and sculptures. You can then walk to Dublin Castle which date back to 1204. The Castle is amazing to glaze upon and it has 2 museums, cafes and gardens. But nothing compares to the Guinness Storehouse.


The Guinness Storehouse was by far the highlight of Dublin, you would be crazy not to go! By buying a ticket in advance, you can explore every level of the brewery, and even given the chance to pour your own Guinness (there is a technique to this). After pouring your own Guinness you can head up to the roof top bar and get a 360 view of Dublin, and you can’t get that anywhere else in Dublin!


Zoe’s tip:

Planning is quite critical when going to Dublin, I didn’t use my time wisely which meant I missed out on a few things. Plan where you want to go and how you are going to get there. I feel this will allow you to make the most of your time in Dublin




Ireland is quite safe. Everyone speaks English and are willing to help you out wherever you go (They are very proud of their country). But of course, make sure you take your usual precautions when travelling.

Must Try Food:

Bit of a no brainer, you have to have a traditional Guinness pie or even an Irish stew. They are both amazing and really warm the soul.


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