Never Stay the Same

Back in high school, I had this English teacher who was really, really fabulous. She wasn’t just fabulous in the sense of being good at her job (which she absolutely was), but she was also just one of those people who impacts your life in ways you don’t realize until years later. She was the epitome of beauty inside and out, Miss NH 1991. She really was.

Something she told me during one of our after-school chats as she was packing up her suitcase she brought to school every day was to never stay the same. Specifically, never be the same person today as you were this time last year. It took me a long time to figure out what it was she meant; why wouldn’t I want to be the same? Why would I want to be ever-changing? Eventually, I got it. Don’t be the same person because you’ve grown–mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally.

I kept in mind what my sweet English teacher taught me while I was creating this list–I did mention I love a good list, right?–I wanted to check things off that helped me grow in some way. Some things are simple while others are a bit more complex. Some things seem silly, but each one has meaning.

So this is it. The Non-30×30, Thirty is Coming List.

  1. Enroll in Grad School
    When I had my son I put school on hold. I figured it would just be for a little while, but then life had other plans and I got sick. Fast forward (too many) years, it’s time to finish my goal of getting my Masters.
  2. Cook a Cookbook
    Julie&Julia style. Cookbook TBD.
  3. Make a Wedding Cake
    I used to make cakes with my Mom all the time! I really want to make a full wedding cake using techniques I don’t use on the simple cakes I make. No fondant, though–who likes chewing on that? Gross.
  4. Perfect Macarons
    Baking is my escape. I love trying new recipes and getting lost in the story of the baked good. If my heaven doesn’t have a double wall oven and a Kitchen-Aid mixer, I’m not sure I want to go. Macarons are a finicky cookie to bake and delightful to eat. Perfection.
  5. Explore Charlotte – Museums, Festivals, Events
    Charlotte is FULL of events and I know I take advantage of the fact it’s so close. Charlotte friends – you know there is an annual community dinner? That speaks to my soul!
  6. Host an Event
    Some would be content just attending events and festivals, but I’m a little extra in just about all that I do.
  7. Hike More – Get Outdoors!
    Again, I take advantage of what we have in our backyard. I want to get outside, hike more, explore!
  8. Get in Shape!
    I mean, don’t we all? I don’t just mean in shape, though. I want to find a balance of classes and strength training so I’m not stuck in the gym all the time.
  9. Read (6) Self-Help Books
    Because self-development and personal growth. I highly recommend investing in yourself!
  10. Learn Danish
    I have family in Denmark which is all the reason I needed to set this goal. TEN YEARS I’ve been telling myself I will learn Danish and I have about 3 words.
  11. Volunteer
    Hmm.. maybe with kids, probably with horses, potentially with both.
  12. Learn Calligraphy
    For no reason other than to address the Christmas cards I don’t send. Okay, I actually think it would be an incredibly relaxing hobby!
    Bonus – Send REAL mail.
  13. Solo Date Night
    Somewhere fancy. Somewhere I can get dressed up, get a table for one and just enjoy my own company.
  14. Establish Morning/Night Routine
    I don’t mean wash your face, brush your teeth kind of thing–I do that already, don’t worry. I mean a relaxing, settle in for bed kind of routine.
  15. Perfect Skin Care
    I have a fun skin type. I have that type where I have to treat breakouts and prevent wrinkles at the same time, so that’s awesome. The 14-step trendy stuff is a little too much of a commitment for me, but I’m up for switching up what I’ve got going on.
  16. Embrace Curly Hair!
    My hair is…intense. I mean, I’ve woken up in the morning and been met with a, “Woah”. My child tells me I look like a lion. It’s got a mind of its own…and now it’s time to embrace it.
  17. Book/Plan International Trip
    This is tricky. I have too many international trips I want to take! This’ll be my 30th birthday present to myself–solo trip? Maybe!
  18. Get a Tattoo!
    A wise man once told me never put a bumper sticker on a Bentley–and then I was told Kim Kardashian also said it. My dad must’ve given Kim the same advice he gave me because he for sure said it first. Either way, I’ve stuck to this for years and now I’m itching for some ink that has some meaning.
  19. Visit Grandparent’s Graves
    I have three angels now; two grandmothers and a grandfather. I don’t know why this is on my list as I’m not a grave-visiting type of person, but I felt compelled to put it here–and so I’ll visit them.
  20. No Electronics
    Not forever, just one day a month. Maybe I’ll turn this into part of my nightly routine and shut my phone/computer/tv off at a certain time. TBD!
  21. Create/Stick to a Budget
    I’m embarrassingly bad a sticking to routines and budgets. I can manage my money, but I am so, so bad at tracking/sticking to budgets. I’ll get it together…
  22. Embrace Minimalism
    This is an area of growth for me. I don’t need a lot. I don’t even WANT a lot. But I think I can baby-konmari my stuff and get rid of a lot. I can (and should) commit more to not buying things just because they’re on sale, and investing in the items I need/want.
  23. Embrace Quality
    Along with embracing minimalism, I’m at the point where I need to really embrace quality–people, food, things.
  24. Grow a Garden
    Urban homesteading. That sounds like a fun adventure, no?!
  25. Create 5 Year Plan
    This should probably be “5 Year Goals” rather than plan. This will be the last thing I do in terms of this list–really take a look at where life is and set some solid goals for 1, 3, 5 years.

If you read that whole thing, you’re an angel and I owe you one of those macarons I’ll perfect!

What does your current “to do” list look like? Do we have any matching tasks?!


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