Food Bowl 2019

There is always some event happening in Downtown Los Angeles. More specifically in Grand Park that is located right in front of City Hall. I am always catching my buses within that area so I can see when tents and stages are being built for an event. The majority of the time it is open to the public. However, with some people’s busy schedule they aren’t aware that there is an event happening nearby.

When I saw that there was a sign around the gate titled “Food Bowl” I quickly went into google search. The event was a long one that was centered around food. There were local restaurant/food booths, popular foods, classes, activities, VIP passes, and many more stations that enhanced the food festival. There were also all you can eat passes that had specific times and dates. When Jared and I went it was around the time the festival was coming to an end. So the majority of activities, panels, and passes were no longer available for purchase. However, we still wanted to go and taste delicious food we normally wouldn’t go to or know it existed.

Jared and I went pretty hungry to the event. When we got there we noticed it wasn’t the type of venue that gave you full meals but rather samples. For me this was perfect because it allowed me to try more things along the way. The first thing we got were some sliders. These were so delicious! The meat was well done and had a very soft seasoning that complemented the warm toasty bread. The next thing we munched on was a margarita pizza. It had a egg on top with a light oil coating. I love bread and this pizza was doughly, fluffy, with a little soft crunch. Jared ate the egg part because that was something I didn’t want to experience. Then we ate some fries covered with breaded chicken bits that were drizzled in a spicy sauce. The sauce you can decide on the level of spiciness you want. We did the second lowest and it was a good pick. Jared doesn’t have a high tolerance of spice like I do. But this was a dish we both can enjoy.

We walked around looking at other booths. As much as we wanted to keep eating savory food we were pretty stuffed. Though we did want something light and to munch on. The last place we went to was an icecream truck. They gave you the icecream in a cup or cone. Their ice creams were unique. I got a mango sorbet with Tajin and Chamoy. Jared got the cookie monster ice cream scoop. I don’t know if that’s what it is really called. But if you look at the photo…it makes sense. We ended up swapping ice creams because we liked each other’s choice more.

Next time I the Food Bowl comes back to Los Angeles I will definitely make more of an effort to go during the day. Also give a shout out to the vendor’s I bought food from. I wasn’t able to do it for this post. But it is because they created such delicious food to sell to people in a space allows people from all walks of life to come together. Los Angeles is a massive county with so many people living in it. Sometimes we don’t get the opportunity to explore and indulge in activities we aren’t aware of. This was a fun Night Market and I can’t wait to attend more!

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