Great Drinks, Great Ambiance

By: Darylle Jake Sariego, Pastel Bay Juan, Jonas Alfie Aggabao


By the name of the coffee shop itself “Infinitea”, it is really well-known especially to those so called “millenials” as one of the best place to buy teas and spent time with comrades. With the soft, sweet, and romantic music as well as the pleasing atmosphere, there’s no doubt to say that the coffee shop is really a place where you can have a rest, where you can spend time with your comrades, and review your lessons.


The foods are serve the way that they are served. It is served cold and pleasant. For the service, as you are about to order a specific menu, the cashier will immidiately ask your name and it will be indicated in the container of the food/drink that you have ordered. Once the food is prepared, the cashier will tell your name aloud and serves as a signal that your order is now ready. It is quite lit and unique for you can indicate any name you want depending on your desire and you will be called louder more than how you shout the name of the one you love, just kidding. Nevertheless, the service is good and it was really amazing.


For the food presentation, the food is presented well and neat. Infinitea has a variety of choices to choose from. Starting from milk tea’s to frappe’s to lemonade coolers and different hot and cold drinks. They also sell different kind of food such as chicken poppers and fries.


The price ranges from 65 – 125 pesos, which is somewhat affordable. The price that is set is justifiable as the taste and quality of their products are excellent and marvelous.


For blueberry, it tastes good with a little bit of surprising taste. It was quite sweet, a little bit sour but tasty. The flavor–blueberry that is used is incomparable. It really taste good but quite not that perfect. There are times that you will be liking it at first but the second time around maybe the thing that will pop up in your mind is to try another flavor. Nevertheless, it’s really good.


Cherry lemonade cooler is a no-no for us. The taste is similar to a medicine, but this is sweet and is loved by person who have sweet tooth. It can be perfect for cakes and pastries. This drink needs improvement and are not recommended if you’re not a fan of cherry!


Among all of drinks we order, Green apple is our favorite, it’s like love at first taste. The first sip takes you back to different places, especially beaches. The sweetness and sourness of the green apple combines with the tropical taste of tea, which is a good thing. This lemonade cooler is the best, so thumbs up for this drink!

Overall, our experience in this shop and with their products are excellent. They have exceeded our requirements and expectations. So if you have time, call your friends, and give this shop a try!

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