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Today I thought I would give you our top 5 camp things so far that have made our lives easier being full time campers. They aren’t in any sort of order.

Brita Water Filter Pitcher

We have an inline water filter but I still think that our drinking water tastes funky so any time we aren’t using it for cooking or cleaning we run it through our filter. There is a filter reader on it so it tells us when the filter needs replaced which is nice so I don’t have to find somewhere to keep track of that. The pitcher is always sitting on the table full of water so we always have water ready to drink. It not only is convenient we tend to drink more water this way. I like my water room temp most of the time. If I want it cold then I just get some ice from the freezer.

Ozark Trail 12″ Cast Iron Skillet

I think that most thing are easier with a cast iron skillet to cook. Plus I can go from stove top to oven to fire pit with one pan. I don’t need multiple different pans for each thing. I love that. We don’t have tons of room for a whole pan set so one that covers a multitude of things is awesome.

Plastic Pan Scraper

~Ours is a lil chizler brand

This little diddy saves me tons of time and effort really. We not only use it to scrape the pots and pans but also scrape our plates so that there isn’t any excess waste going down our drains and clogging them up.

Ozark Trail Camp Grill

At the campground we are currently in has a very nice fire ring it just doesn’t have a food grill so we can cook over it. This one is nice. It has tons of room for us to cook on plus even some extra space in case we have visitors.

Ozark Trail All Terrain Wagon

This thing is so handy. I love that it folds up and takes up very little space. We live a little ways from the laundry room and the trash receptacle. When we need to take those things with us we just bring out this awesome wagon and put in in and roll away. The rocks and gravel don’t stop us we just roll right on over them. We have even pulled children in this who have gotten worn out on our walks. It’s nice and heavy duty but isn’t heavy to pull.

Honorable Mention

Ozark Trail Stainless Steel water bottles

I know I know. You are think I thought she said 5. I did. However I did want to mention these because they are awesome and are helping Alex and I learn to drink more water plus this things are super durable. I love that they keep my tea cold for hours.

*We are not in any way sponsored by Ozark Trail. However, we wouldn’t turn that down either. We love the products the make!

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