Good Times

May’s highlight was the visit of three of my Good cousins! They spent a week here which we filled with sight seeing and showing them about my life and where I live.


Friday morning, May 17, we left around 8:00 headed to Santa Elena to get a Micro to Tikal. I wasn’t sure exactly how it was going to work out. When we got to the bus terminal we were directed into an office where they wanted to sell me the ride to Tikal. I wasn’t sure if this was what I wanted so told them I needed to go out and think a bit. Did they let me think? No. They all chased after me to help me think. But in the end it worked out and we got a good price for our tickets. This gringa deals hard. LOL.

It is about an hour and a half ride to Tikal. We were the only ones on the micro and we didn’t make any stops so we made good time. We got into Tikal at 10:30. The same bus was to take us back again. I wasn’t sure if we wanted to be at Tikal all the way till 2:00, so I asked about 12:30. He said, “12:00.” I said, “Okay. We will try to be back at 12:00.” DON’T DO THAT, FOLKS. STAY UNTIL 2:00. I had been there two times before but didn’t have a good idea of how much time we should take. We had a rather running trip there. We saw a Keel Billed Toucan pretty much as soon as we entered the park. That was pretty cool. We also got to see monkeys and other animals such as the Coati.

Here are a few pictures.


Monkey with baby                                    Coati, a member of the racoon family


We made it back to our bus a little before 12:30 and our driver didn’t seem mad.  Once back in Santa Elena we went fabric shopping at the market. The girls were speedy shoppers. I had forgotten that they have the same shopping style as I have. After picking up coffee at La Torre (the grocery store) we walked over the bridge onto the Isle of Flores. Karla wanted a mug so we were able to pretty quickly find that for her before heading to Raices Restaurant for an early supper. After some tacos and a rest, we were ready for a boat ride. I told the boat driver the girls wanted to see birds. He very nicely went slowly to give the girls time for birding. I was very happy because he gave us a good price and ended up taking us for more than half an hour!


Although I would do the Tikal trip a little differently if I were doing it again, we did have a good day and the girls were able to add some bird sightings to their lists.


Saturday morning, May 18, we went to Ixpanpajul and did the hike with the suspension bridges. We took it very leisurely, unlike our time at Tikal.


Besides these activities, the girls went with me to work, shopping, youth, and church. We also spent time just hanging out at my house.

Thank you, girls, for coming to visit! Come back soon! Smile


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