Bookish Sins

Now to say I don’t commit these sins, I would be lying to you. Some of these I do quite often; others not so. I’m sure they’re many more but these are the few I do.

Very sorry to anyone who takes offence to these horrible bookish things that I do, I am ashamed of me too!

  1. Dog-earring pages: I do only do this in extreme circumstances when I have run out of tabs, sticky notes, hell even litttle its of receipts. But I hate it. It is so so wrong to turn down the pages of books, they are such scared things that do not deserve to be harmed in this way. My A-Level books are horrendous from dog-earring, some exam boards don’t let you tab your books for the exam and the only way around this was to dog-ear it. I have such a battered copy of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley its unbelievable, I’m so horrified with myself for that books poor life it led!!
  2. Writing in books in PEN!: Thanks to my degree I do have to write in my books to remember what I originally thought about certain places or characters so I can write about it in essays; but it does make them look so untidy. Writing in books is one thing but writing in books in pen is a whole other thing. I wish I was more organised and had pencils to do this but I am really not the most organised.
  3. Highlighters: Now, this is a very touchy subject for many. I do highlight certain parts of books, especially books for university. Many of my uni books are covered in rainbow highlighter- again I am very sorry for my poor book etiquette. I will do better! I hope anyway. I have found highlighter ‘tabs’ in the last couple of months but they’re expensive for the actual amount you get. And poor student here!
  4. Breaking spines: I really really hate this one and try so hard not to do it but this is so so hard not to do with some books. My copy of The Devouring Gray wouldn’t open wide enough for me to read it without the spine breaking and it does kill me inside when that happens. But also for uni, you have to bend and break the spines in order to write in the books- I’m really not very nice to my books am I?- I commit heinous crimes against books.
  5. DNF-ing books: Right, if I don’t like it I will not read it all. I hate not finishing books but if it’s boring and predictable then why should I bother. The only problem with this is my course books are usually like this and I struggle to read them *Welcomes SparkNotes and CliffNotes greatly for crappy books for my degree with open arms*. I recently did just DNF Fairy Tale by Danielle Steel because my god that was so predictable and of course boring because of it. Its not the biggest sin in the book world but I love finishing things myself.
  6. Reading instead of doing assignments: This isn’t really a bookish sin but it is a sin to do with my books. I am a massive procrastinator and I will genuinely do anything to avoid doing my assignments- usually I clean my bedroom and bathroom at least once in the week I’m doing assignments in; but for my last assignment of my first year I just read a whole book instead of actually working. Bad student as well as a poor one me!!
  7. Removal of dust jackets: I really do not know how to hold a hardback, I think I’m just inept, so I usually take off the dust jackets and then can never find them again. I cannot deal with how chunky a hard back is and therefore cannot hold it- for those of you who don’t know, I am a very small person so chunky books are CHUNKY to me.

I do actually have a confession to make, I do not like hardbacks at all. I am a proper paperback princess and cannot understand how on earth anyone likes hardbacks. As I said, I cannot hold them, I think they’re too chunky and what are you supposed to do with the dust jacket?!

I am very sorry to the ‘Book Gods’ for I have sinned, many-a-time to be frank with you. But I will try to be a better book lover I swear.

Hopefully, in the next week there will be a book diary coming your way along with a review of one of my favourite books of the year, The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye.

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