The journey begins

no danger and no hardship ever makes me wish to get back to that college life again .

College, one of the most amazing place and one of the most amazing stage in life that will tell you that life is unpredictable and uncertain.

It’s that stage that will give you the opportunity to explore more within yourself

It might be good, it might be bad, it might be weird, sometimes you expect something and happen nothing and sometimes it might not interest you.It’s that phase of your life that will change your mind or will change the definition of life

Coming from school life where you are a bird in your own cage, college life is just the opposite. No uniform, no lunch box, no assembly lines, no copy submission, nothing of that sort

I still remember, when I first stepped into my college, I had many feelings, I was nervous, confused, scared, excited and everything one can think of.That day I had so many things on my mind from what I’m gonna wear, to what’s the nearest metro station to figure out my class number and to what not!

Well, I am not the different one, it happens with everyone, but little I know what should be done next!

so, here are few things that a fresher should know to survive the 1st year of college life.

1. Interaction with seniors

The very first group of people that we meet in our college life are, our seniors.

Don’t be shy, go on and make the first move and introduce yourself,

Don’t worry, no one is gonna rag or bully you.Try to befriend them and engage in a healthy conversation. In the long run, your seniors will prove to be off good help as they already know the working of the college.You can seek help from them anytime and maintain good relations with then no one is gonna deny you.

But, also don’t run behind anyone, don’t use your individuality, don’t suck up to anyone and just be yourself because the people who are meant to be with you will be with you.

2. Classmates, lectures, Professor

Starting by introducing the component of this “area” , so it comprises of other people generally of your age, people who are most commonly known as professors,  people within people of your age, mentioned earlier whom you will call friends , then comes acquaintances than comes people who are denoted by ” yeah I know him but don’t really know him “.

Here you will find your batchmates and may be one of your group (temporary group)

Always try to maintain a healthy relationship with your professor and batchmates as they are one who is gonna help you and fetch you attendance and marks.

here, You will learn to sit through a boring lecture, you will cope up with surprisingly strenuous syllabus without even knowing

the subject, as they say,academics will never let you free,

 people might try to motivate you by telling you that you need to study and all and all but that isn’t so true!!

study but also enjoy.

3. Society

Every college has one or the other society and trust me, you cannot get a better place to explore yourself and enjoy your college life more. Try to engage in one or more society coz college life is not about studying

societies will give you every means to be famous and outcast the hidden talent in you. one should always be in one or the other society because being in societies teaches you a lot


In societies, you find people with a common interest and thus common ideas

Trust me if you find the right society you want to be your will get an opportunity to be the artist you always wanted to be

Since in 1st year everyone is too excited, one may join more than 2 society but surviving through society work is another task altogether

Collect information about all society and take a wise decision

Be interactive in your society and Always mark your presence, try to make a powerful first impression by giving a powerful introduction and outcasting yourself.

Don’t try to fit in, have courage and guts to stand out  (well for that you also require a basic good understanding of yourself )

4. Elections

The one thing that makes Delhi university unique from other university is ELECTIONS. #oneperson,onevote

Elections are a good time pass and a very good reason to interact with people and know your college more

elections are fun, at the time of elections one will find many types of people, who are like you or Alike you. college teaches you to get out of your comfort zone and hence meeting new people and surviving with those people

but, never miss an opportunity to take treats from your senior, (it’s an easy task at the time of the election)

Elections are all about politics if one of interested in politics then its the best chance one can start and join politics!

One of the most interesting stages in life that gives you an opportunity to explore is the ‘college phase.’ Life at college is the time when the teenage years end and we all dive deep into the ocean of new beginnings and possibilities. This golden period better equips you for all the challenges you’ll face in life and creates a strong foundation of knowledge. That’s the beauty of college life. It stays with you long after you’ve climbed those ladders of success and forgotten the name of that cute crush you used to drool over.

Life at college is a wild mish-mash of experiences, what with all sort of hilarious stuff going downEdit”The Journey Begins”

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