Need To Know Before Planning To Visit City Of Alexandria In 2019

The Alexandria is a beautiful city with rich in history and culture, and the second largest city maintaining an atmospheric combination of both the old and new. It is not only popular for its stunning location but also resonates history and culture. It is also recognized as the ‘Pearl of the Mediterranean’.  

will better if we start the Alexandria
by knowing its basics and it is none other than its history:-

a)    This great city was founded by Alexander
the great during the Hellenistic era.

b)    This city was also been ruled by seductive
& attractive queen Cleopatra, the last pharaoh & ruler of Ptolemaic

Here Are Some Travel
Tips Before You Are Heading To Alexandria……

Best Time To Visit

favorable time for an Alexandria Day
starts in spring that starts from March till June & yet again
during autumn (September-November).   

Top Attraction Of Alexandria

are scores of attractions waiting for them who are coming for a pleasant Alexandria Cultural Tour are as

•    Museums

By hiring a tour operator like ‘Egypt Online Tours’ you can access all the top class museums during your Alexandria Cultural Tour where you will able to witness the diverse history of Alexandria right away from the era of pharaohs till the end of the 19th century. The list of museums is very vast and the most prominent of them are the National Museum, The Royal Jewelry Museum, The Cavafy Museum, and the Aquarium. 

•    Library

You can also spend a considerable amount of time in one of the most popular buildings in history such as the original Royal Library of Alexandria.  You can even visit the freshly opened library known as Bibliotheca of Alexandrina that was completed in 2002. It now provides a strikingly fashionable space where history, culture, art & science come together under one roof.   

•    Pompey’s

The Pompey’s pillar is a free-standing Roman style column built in the center of The Temple of Serapeum that flanks both the sides by two well-preserved sphinx statues. This pillar is the largest column ever built outside Rome making it the most historical treasure of the city.

•    Alexandria
Light House

Have you ever heard about the Lighthouse of Alexandria also known as Pharos of Alexandria? It was built between 280 & 247 BC and became a beacon of light only in the physical sense, but for the resourcefulness of the ancient world. Your Alexandria Tour will take you to the place where you will sightsee the first lighthouse in history.  According to some historians, it stood for more than 1600 years old until an earthquake destroyed its main tower. 

•    Fort

There is no dearth of historical sites inside Alexandria & Fort Qaitbey is one of them. It was built in the year 1480 by Sultan Qaitbey. According to the local legends of that are the remains of the fallen lighthouse where used in the construction of the fort. 

•    Royal

The Royal Gardens that we are talking about is located in Montazah Palace. Now, it serves as a beautiful public park, a nature reserve.  

•    Stanley

The next stop is Stanley Bridge that comes under your Alexandria Shore Excursion tour. It is just a decade old but still has become an iconic landmark for millions of visitors around the whole world.   

Your Alexandria Tour will be exactly equal to the tour of the pyramids in Cairo, so the adventure you are getting in Cairo will continue in Alexandria as well so you must be glad that you are investing your hard-earned money in the right place. Just visit us to know more.

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