Day 7 – Feb 20 ’19 – #3 in Alamo Canyon


Shots Both Far and Near, Always Carry Your Leatherman,  and a Cocktail Party in #1…


I think actually this moon shot was from our first night, but what the hey – y’all don’t mind, do you? Not bad considering I was – comme d’habitude – too lazy to break out the tripod and just rested the camera on the truck for this shot. I’m hoping to be able to print it large enough to pick out the landmarks with my 3 year old granddaughter, who’ll get a big kick out of that…

We had a lazy day in the canyon and mostly just hung out. Mike went off to hike Estes Canyon and Mark took his bike over to Darby Well Drive by Ajo. Kathy in the Van (who had come in late afternoon the previous day and camped in the overflow) thought she might have a propane leak and left for Phoenix to find a mechanic.  Bob in the Eagle PopUp came over to say hello and introduce himself – lives in Bluff, UT, one of my favorite places.

I was walking over to the recycles bin when he was visiting with Susan in #4, and he said “Are you coming to visit or taking out the trash?” I laughed and invited them “for cocktails later.”  Apparently they didn’t take that seriously (or eschew gin and tonics whilst camping?) as they didn’t show up…

Anyway, I set off with Trigger down the hiking trail again but made the mistake of NOT “bothering” with his boots this time and sure enough after about 100 yards he picked up a puncture : ((( Fortunately I had put my Leatherman from the camera bag into my fanny pack (yes – I still use one!) – because I had to pull 4-5 cactus spines from his L front pad.

Poor Trigger! He’ll never regard the Leatherman in a friendly manner again!

I took him back to camp, left him with John and set off on the 3.5 mile hike on my own. Its a pretty hike and there was a stream which I – now dog-less – was able to peruse for wild life:


Back at camp I did my stretches, some yoga and sunbathed a little. This is NOT something I typically do now that I’ve had several little skin cancers removed, but the Feb sun was  pleasantly warm and since my skin was mostly covered in the 60-some odd degree weather I indulged.

Rain predicted during the night, so after we all sat up with drinks looking at John’s photo portfolio ( we headed in to bed. Leaving in the morning, but meeting in Why for Mexican food breakfast on our respective ways out of the area. Got Mark’s email and MUST send him the link to this blog (HI MARK!).

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