Click some creative picture of your loved ones, tips by Amit Mahendru

A photography is the most fascinating art, It does not matter you are young or old you love to click pictures of your family and friends by your camera. But there are so many people who click the pictures but they do not get the desired result in their photograph. In this blog Amit Mahendru a candid photographer in Lucknow has brought you some tips by which you could achieve the quality in your clicked photograph.

candid photographer in Lucknow

Tips by Amit Mahendru

If you are interested in art of photography and you want to show some creativity or represent unique photographs to your loved ones then there are few things which is essential to know for you about the art of photography. The tips are discussed below:-

  1. Close up: – If you are getting that you are not getting good results the try to capture the close-up pictures of your family member. As you will capture someone’s close then you will see the beauty in the picture itself. Your picture will appear good and it will seem impressive. The close-ups are also used in portrait photography.
  2. Flash:- At the time of clicking picture, if you observe that light is not proper in your picture or you are getting excess lights in your photograph then you must use flash during clicking pictures. If you are clicking pictures in bright sunny day then you can also use the flash because, fl flash not only provide you correct amount of light whilst it decay the excess light and provide you right exposure for your picture.
  3. Rule of third:- It has been found that during photography people usually project the subject at the mid of the photo, but according to rule of third if you place the subject in right or left then picture appear lot better than any the picture in which subject has placed in mid. When you place the subject I right or in a left in photograph them people does not concentrate only at the mid they observe the whole composition. So it provides you great result during your photo shoot.

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