Father Tai(Dad)

I always thought that the first word of you was father or a mother, an airplane or balloon, words that we said every day and that I thought it was something you wanted to say soon. But I already knew that you had your attitude and you liked to do and say what you want and not what others want. You always talked a lot but in your own language, the launguade we know nothing, nothing at all, only closer to 2 years is when you started to say milk because it is something that you like and you have the habit of drinking although I have insisted many times for you to ask for it but without much effect and only with a big smile from you. And your first correct word was Car, because there’s really nothing you like to play more than cars, I remember going to your cousin Santiago’s house and he having several giant boxes with cars on it and you took them all one by one you rolled the wheels to see if they worked and you put them aside and in less than nothing you started calling cars everything that was like wheels that sometimes it got me confused because you point to the air conditioning of those exteriors and calls it car it always makes me laugh. Then you learned to ask questions with a quick “there”. But I still remember the day when you come running to the bed where I was and you say Tai (In Portugues Pai means father, so he changed a word) and whenever I’m not with you and I remember you calling me Tai it always makes me happy and sad at the same time. It’s been more than a year where I’m with you every day for 24 hours which is what most parents would like to be and in a way I have created a bond and closeness with you that is very rare to anyone has with their children but all my days are good days since you are by my side, on the days when I cry, on the days I do not have the strength you always have a smile on your face that immediately improves my day 100%. And now and forever I will be proud to be your Tai and if you do not have someone who really understands you, I will at least never give up trying, because nobody is as much a part of me as you are.

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