Blog Tour: The Silver Sting by Angela Dandy

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Book information

Publication Date: 30th April 2019

ISBN 978-1-78132-843-9

Extent 324 pages

RRP £9.99


About the Book: 

It has been thirteen years since the elderly residents of Magnolia Court were scammed out of a comfortable retirement by an unscrupulous developer who took their money and ran. A twist of fate leads Gabby, Uncle Max and Aunt Hetty’s niece to uncover the developer’s whereabouts. Pointed in the right direction by Gabby, the residents draw on their life skills to overcome one obstacle after another in order to recover what is theirs by right. No one should underestimate the tenacity and ingenuity of this charming and endearing bunch of senior citizens. Age and infirmity are set aside as they set out on their quest to seek retribution.

I would like to thank Anne Cater for arranging this blog tour and for the invite to take part.

My Review:

This is a fabulous book which I struggled to put down and made me smile with every turning page.

The novel starts with Gabby sitting in her car watching the goings on of Magnolia court, at first you question why she is sitting there watching the group of elderly residents however you soon learn that she is come along to visit her aunt Hetty and Uncle Max, whilst there she meets the other colourful and interesting characters of Magnolia Court who each have an interesting story to tell.

We later meet Harry and learn about his background and from the beginning something didn’t sit right with me about him, to me he seemed slimy and I believe that not everything is what it seems.

Third up we have Charlie, he seems to have it all. A good business, a beautiful wife and children and a fabulous house filled with high end art, but is it all an act??

This is a great novel all about family and friends sticking together and getting justice for those closest too you whatever the costs and heartache along the way. I loved how Gabby’s character developed and it gave you more of an understanding of her relationship between Gabby and her aunt and uncle.

Throughout the book I went through a range of emotions from laughter, happiness, annoyance and anger (at some characters).

This is a great summer read and will defiantly be recommending it, and if I’m being honest I could see this being a film.

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About the Author:

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Angela Dandy is the author of thriller Lakeside and several published short stories. A retired project manager, Angela has travelled widely and enjoys spending time with people of all ages and walks of life. Angela’s aim in writing thrillers is to aspire and capture the imagination of her readers by weaving colourful and resourceful characters into her carefully crafted plots. Most importantly she aims to entertain!


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