A Boyfriend Guide – How to understand your ‘wamen’?

This isn’t one of those posts where I am going to pretend I am Virginia Woolf writing intellectual poetry. And I am not going to pretend to be a pro at that as a matter of fact.

This post is for the people who wonder how some women in relationships win every argument against their significant other.

This is generalization at its best.

Have you often wondered how you are always on the losing side of a verbal brawl?

“You didn’t do the dishes, babe.” She reminded him, as it was his turn to do them.

“Are you saying I’m lazy?” He sheepishly said, his gaze intent on the laptop screen. A single episode of The Society cannot be missed as every moment mattered.

She didn’t want to argue with him anymore, so she rolled her eyes and entered the kitchen.


“Do you even want to continue dating me?” she mentioned the ongoing inside-joke again.

“Do you want to continue dating me?” He flipped the question right back at her, a triumphant gleam in his eyes.

“Yes, I do.” she replied nonchalantly aware of what had just happened. But continued, “But I answered it, why didn’t you?” Right back at ya!

And he knew he had lost.

What did you see here? Person A and Person B flipping and tossing the initial question around and around till one of them raises the white flag.

How did I come across this wonderful realization? Technically, I didn’t. My boyfriend did and he finally understood how I won for all these days. As dangerous as it might be in the hands of the significant others, it was quite clever of him to grasp my winning tactic.

And it was stupid of me to let my guard down. But you know the positive outcome of this, now we’re going to have fun tossing and twisting each other’s question and throwing it at each other, admiring how our opponent is swiftly dodging our verbal spears that are being thrown at them. And that is only very unique to our oddball relationship.

Instead of getting butthurt after every single statement (a note to myself as well), you can be witty and wise and show them who’s boss, till they comprehend what is going on and it is no more a relationship but a contest to see who the boss is. If you’re thinking I am preaching toxic fighting, then no, you’re wrong.

This is the kind of argument which has laughter and subtle hints of ‘I love you despite your arsehole-ness’ in it. Or in a nutshell, it is the kind of playful argument that eventually leads to a heated sex session on the couch. Or wherever you were fighting as a matter of fact. It isn’t the important part of this lesson.


The warning is to not let your significant other know that you have found out about their secret. Because that would be chaotic, for you. Not for me, I am safe.

So the next time you are being told to do the dishes or are being blatantly accused of having fallen out of fall but you were only thinking of the various ways to tie your shoelace, revert that question right back at them but only after having tweaked a few minor details.

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