A Meaningful Life: The path of least resistance

For years Lucio had strayed from his dream and lived through difficult times, but when he bought the land and began planing his guesthouse, everything became easy.

He says he believes in God and that God helps him when he follows his dream. If it weren’t for the fact that I saw him, a former construction worker, yesterday, I would be sceptical. But to him it’s a practical matter. He’s realising something that is a part of the fabric of his mind.

God, at any rate, might not have much to do with it. There’s nothing Lucio rather wants than to make a guesthouse at the foot of the mountains. Over the years he’s imagined pampering his guests – going horse riding, mountain biking, cooking for them, sitting around a bonfire in the night. The mental imagery and feelings of this are now waiting to be realised by a bit of manual work and some money.

What is the alternative? He’s 43 years old. It’s an easy question. The alternative is nothing. It is to ignore the things he has invested energy in, to ignore his hopes, to ignore his dream. It’s a something for nothing situation.

He could tell himself that we don’t all get to realise our dreams. That’s an acceptable excuse. Most people I know say  they do as the do because they need to do it –  not because they want to do it. We make compromises and forget. That’s how it works.

Dreams are fickle though. Once you turn your back on them they tend to dissolve. Not always but often. They get buried in time. And you yourself harden with time. New dreams are more difficult to come by.

The regrettable thing is that meaning is lost when dreams are lost. Aspirations that aren’t tested will remain open questions. They will remain unresolved issues. The original drive is undermined by never having seen the fruits of the intent.

Lucio says it is God the makes life easier for him when he follows his dream. That’s great if true! For my part, the ease is part and parcel of doing something meaningful. To me, meaningful is easier. It just works that way. Doing something difficult and troublesome is no problem if it matters to me.

Meaning is great divider in feeling good or not. It’s tied up with curiosity and interest, and all the questions that made the future a fabulous prospect when young. And it’s up to oneself. That’s what I like about it. Nobody will make life meaningful for you. It’s an original drive, your own responsibility. Your own sacred quest.


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