May favourites

Hey everyone, May has gone by so quickly, I can’t believe its already summer! Here are my May favorites! Enjoy~~

1. Lauv

I have been to one of the best concerts in my life the past week. It’s a concert by Lauv and I am in love with his songs right now. I got introduced to his music by a friend of mine as Lauv was going to hold a concert in Hong Kong. I listened to one of his songs and I immediately said yes to the concert. The first song I listened to was “I like me better” and its sooooo good.

I don’t really know how to describe his voice, it’s upbeat, unique and relaxing. His songs range from slow and moving ones to some that are just totally out there. I know I am not describing it very well so please listen for yourself!

I guess his songs are just right up my alley, that’s why I was hooked when I listened to it for the first time. His songs are very catchy as well and they have been looping in my mind ever since. I must say live is completely different to the album. I thought his album was already really good until I heard him live. He didn’t seem the kind that would be so energetic on stage. He kept chatting with us and was super energetic on stage. It was indeed a whole new experience.

His recent song Drugs & The Internet is really good as well and the MV completely blew my mind, so enjoy!


2. Cute ceramic bowls

I was unpacking some of my kitchen items recently and found lots of these cute ceramic bowls I kept. I don’t know why I never really use them before but I thought they just make the meal so much more fun and enjoyable. I am definitely using more of these from now on, whether I’m having cereal, noodles or rice!



Saw these online and I really like how they look, simple yet unique!


Pixar released some of these bowls in HK 7-11 stores a while ago and I have two of them! They are probably my favorite bowls by far!

3. Soft gel nails

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 7.47.44 PM.png

I had my second experience of getting soft gel nails and I am obsessed. I like having my nails painted but the thought of doing it by myself and having to wait forever for them to dry drives me insane, so I went for soft gel nails. I had them done once before during Christmas but I as I had handball classes during the semester, I had to remove them. Now that I’m free of any sports commitment, I can finally go back to it! I am loving the simple designs or even just a single color. I think nails can definitely be a part of an outfit and my nails are currently in pastel light blue color! Apart from simple colors, I also like the half transparent, half coloured/ drawn designs as it can last longer because when  your nails start to grow, as the bottom part is not colored, it looks like its just part of your nails, so it will not be as awkward.

4. Dried mushrooms


My friend got me a pack of dried mushrooms to try and I was pleasantly surprised by how it tastes. I quite enjoy dried fruits or vegetable chips, however, I have never heard of dried mushrooms, so I was intrigued to try it out. At first, it was a bit weird as it is super crispy, which is not how cooked mushrooms usually taste like, but after a few bites, I am actually quite into as the more bites you take, the dried mushroom will start to become more moist and you can kind of taste the texture of it as if it was a normal mushroom. As you can tell, I am pretty bad at explanations but it is definitely an interesting snack, so give it a try if you’re looking for a more healthy snack other than the usual ones you can find.

So this wraps up my May favorites! What are yours?

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