What can you tell me about fear of the physical plane?

What can you tell me about fear of the physical plane?

What can you tell me about fear of the physical plane?
Is it because of all the memories that we all carry deep ingrained within our cell memory banks about the cruelty and atrocities we as humans are capable of inflicting on each other in this unbalanced state we still live in, between male and female forces.

Is it not we are now at the verge of finally being able to bring in this so much needed lights and love into the world to create healing again and restoring by doing so the sexual force energy, the life presenting creative force of Life itself?

To be born in a body can cause immediate shock within the cellular memory for all the life’s, being female or male, to become part of the souls experience and pathway I chose to walk. It’s more than just individual remembering of former attacks, or sexual abuses, torture, violation, intrusion even the sexual encounters coming from the dark places within where pleasure and pain were combined to the outer limits. Stretching beyond the bearable content of the physical, nerve shattering experiences.

It’s a generational issue, going back to our ancestors, for its embedded within every DNA lineage to come to light to be healed so the energies between male and female energies can be re-balanced again and by achieving this, we are able to restore the inner connections lying within the chakra’s of the lower body as well. The root and sacral chakra areas which contain the great wheels of Karma issues holders as well as the infinite Life force itself.

We are more than the human body. There is this inner knowing in our heart and soul. Only by domination can we be brought to doubt our self, caused by unbearable pain, reducing a human to nothingness. Then there is this inner spark which needs to be rekindled again. Trust must be restored, not just through kindness, compassion and love from the outside.

Trust within, in our own body again, which seems to let us believe it’s worth nothing or is too vulnerable, to fragile, the enemy almost for all it had to endure. Regaining faith and love for being embodied as a human being to surface again and understanding the beauty that lies within.

The strength and the courage it takes to go through this healing process and the perseverance that it requires is been shown in all the stories that are being told all over the world. Not just surviving, no it takes more than that to stand tall again in a compassionate and loving way. Regardless the outer damage that has been done and the inner scarce that needed to be healed.

This healing process can only be started through love, allowing, surrender to this force of nature, where joy and happiness seems so far away going through the pain and sorrow, clearing and cleansing by tears shed in connection with all souls that had to endure to finale be brought back more within the deeper parts of the sacred heart to create a sacred reunion again within the self, for this will start a ripple in the pond of life, touching every other soul in recognition to be seen and felt and creating waves of love to bring forth the awakening, consciousness and awareness.

Embracing the body again as part of the whole, the physical reunion with the emotional and mental planes through the most sacred energy on this plane field we inhabit together. Life energy in every breath we take, sharing and caring for each other again, respecting the boundaries and at the same time honoring the connection we share with all of creation again as One Love, the breath of Infinity, Source of all Life.

Then we can become a light, embodied within and seen for all to come to the understanding this awakening and healing process we all can achieve, shining as bright as a lighthouse, to be of service for all in need, for all to enable to open up again, for the inner beauty and love that lies within each soul and touching the very inner core of our heart.

And so it will be done.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 27-1-2015

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