The Martian Chronicles (reread)

By Ray Bradbury

Ignorance is fatal

The Master Storyteller presents a collection of sci-fi stories set on the great red planet of Mars; the Martian Chronicles!

True to its name, this book follows the progress of mankind and martians alike, starting from the year 1999 to 2026. The highs and lows, the horrors and excitements, the deaths and destruction.


It’s a dystopian of epic proportions! From the first failed attempts at making contact with the Martians, to the almost total genocide of the Martian race, mankind shows its dark side as it tries to escape the censored and oppressive government of Earth.

If ever a book portrayed the faults and flaws of the race of man, it was this one. The future that Ray Bradbury imagined was basically a repeat of very horrible event in the history of man. However, it’s not hard to believe that a future like this is the one that we’re creating for ourselves.

In a world where we’ve censored our past, how can we change for the future?


Martians are not so unlike man, according to Bradbury. Save for the fact that they still value life, culture, and nature. It’s hard to describe characters and such without giving away much of the stories, but I will say that it’s interesting to be immersed in a world where and another ancient culture is introduced to the destructive creatures known as man.

If you enjoy philosophical or morally grey characters, this book might just be for you.


Being one of Bradbury’s earlier works, the language shows its age. There are several different and colourful uses of the Lord’s name, both as profanity, but also as references to the lost faith of mankind.

Sexual content is basically nonexistent.

Despite the somewhat violent theme, it isn’t gory or brutal.


In this modern day and age, it’s hard to find good sci-fi reads or movies. Hollywood has turned science fiction into what I like to call “sex in a space ship”, where the classic themes of space travel and aliens are lost in immoral “sexy” characters and more science than fiction plots.

Bradbury, I’m sad to say, was part of a dying breed, but that’s exactly why anyone who enjoys science fiction should read the Martian Chronicles. They’re written in the true spirit of sci-fi, where man and martian collide, and new inventions are imagined. The ridiculous becomes real, and the unimaginable is born.

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