rising to the challenge

We love to bake. When we first started dating I introduced Sam to all the wonderful things you can make and how simple it can be. Like bread for example. The basic crispy crust bread recipe we frequent only uses water, flour, salt and active dry yeast. It’s amazing and doesn’t require a lot of effort on our end.

Bread is one of the main items we consume almost on a daily basis. Toast in the mornings, PB&J sandwiches in the afternoons and sometimes a hearty grilled cheese for dinner. Yummm. Bread is such a staple that for the longest time we didn’t think much about what we were spending every week on a loaf of whole wheat sliced bread. And let me tell you, we weren’t buying the cheaper brands as the loaf is basically air and doesn’t have a lot of substance.


Why not make our own bread? It was something we could learn to do together and was an easy weekend activity. We bought our first 25 pound bag of flour roughly 6 months ago and just this last weekend we finished it off. It took a few tries but this last loaf turned out better than we could have hoped for. Golden crust with great crumb structure – no undercooked dough or plastic in sight! Easy, delicious and better for the environment than store bought bread.

It’s the little things early on in our journey to sustainability that make the largest impact. If we set the goal too high early on, then it will seem impossible to achieve and the dream will turn to frustration, which ultimately turns into giving up. By setting small, achievable goals that have impacts we believe in, then we have been successful. Not everyone has the patience to wait for bread to rise, knead and then rise again before baking. This can take hours or even last overnight. In a society where consumers are able to consume faster and faster, this may not sound appealing at first. But when we took a step back from the fast paced world around us it opened our eyes to opportunities we never would have expected.

So now we take the time away from our phones, tv and social media and do something together. Like baking bread for example. Baking our own bread may not seem important or like it has much impact. It may not now, but over time we are hoping all the little things will contribute to a monumental change.


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