Computer jargon for, What You See Is What You Get. But guess what…not always it isn’t.

I went out today for a drive to Victor Harbor. Stopping on the way at Myponga Dam. Rassilon had a great time visiting new places and smelling new smells. Unfortunately he didn’t get patted. But he had a nice long walk. He is now home and, you guessed it, in bed.

Myponga Dam.

small DSCN0489


Victor Harbor

small DSCN0543small DSCN0544

We stopped at McDonalds for lunch as I was hungry, so I guessed Rassilon would be too.


doublr cheese

As advertised in store.


As it really is.

So, it has been a long time since I went to McDonalds, and somehow, I think this will be my last visit.

On the plus side, Rassilon enjoyed his hamburgers, so that was good.

We had a nice long drive. I got a lot of photos, really enjoying the “SUPER ZOOM” of the Nikon cameras.

small DSCN0463

From Old Noarlunga

Small DSCN0467

I told you the SuperZoom was good.

On the down side, I have given up the therapy visiting. People seem to forget we are volunteers, and they expect us to do more and more work, but without the pay. My final straw was when a nursing home organisation expected volunteers to get names and room numbers of people that pat the dog, especially when they are in the lounge areas.

What was so bad about that? I was in a memory support unit, or dementia ward. Dementia patients can sometimes get aggressive and violent, but Rassilon and I were sent into these ‘LOCK UP’ wards with NO staff assistance. I doubt if these people could remember their names, and there was no paid staff to ask. And NO ASSISTANCE for the visitors and their dogs should anything happen. And I’m sorry, but if anyone did anything to Rassilon, calm and gentle me would very quickly be replaced by the, hit first ask questions second, me.

Not only that, they didn’t even have the right paperwork  ready for us, (a list of people that want to see the dog), so they just gave us a complete list of everyone on the ward. Then they have the nerve to complain that they want more information. Also, the government was starting to get in on the act, and they wanted lots of personal information.

AND…I tried to give blood again. What a rigmarole! So I am not going to bother with that. I want to do something for free, but there is so much paperwork, blood tests, I have to see my doctor and  hematologist and get reports. It is too much trouble to go through for nothing.


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