It’s All How You Look at Flat and Round…Boobs, anyone?

Oh I have no idea. None of it. My theory is that earth is a ball and we live on the inside of it. So outerspace is actually inner space, that compacts as it moves inwards (as you get farther from the earth, are actually going deeper inside it.) lol … because, why not? There’s no law that the laws of physics that govern the surface of the earth, also must govern space itself. Gravity is missing, for instance. Throw something in space, it keeps going. No friction. But who’s to say that’s because friction just does not exist? Because all that is, is saying some concept you generated stopped working once you passed a boundary. But they never go back to the drawing board, and say the original concept is wrong. why? because everybody already learned that, and then built THEIR discoveries on top of that concept or understanding.

And the issue we HAVE, and why we are having it NOW — is because there is far too much deceit in the world. So much deceit for the sake of sale, for the sake of capitalism … that no one is quite sure that any truth exists. All they know is that other humans try to fool you. And they try to fool you a LOT. So why should science be any different? That’s what’s going on with that.

I’m not sure of the answer regarding the creation of a SHARED understanding — a SHARED concept of reality. maybe it shouldn’t be shared. maybe everybody should develop their own and see where it leads. let your own life mean something. don’t be a cog. don’t be a grain of sand melted into glass. be what you see, smell, touch. come to your own conclusions — after sampling the thoughts and minds of others.

religion has always been a little crazy, why would that be a surprise? fact is, God only loves you if life is great, other than that, it doesn’t much feel like God loves you. It feels like crap if you’re hungry or homeless, and no amount of singing can erase the crap part. You can get high, and many do. Drink. Get away from it all, leave your awful life and go on a vacation. I don’t have an answer.

But you can’t look at our world OBJECTIVELY without thinking “this shit’s pretty messed up.” What is coming out with the more farfetched “truths” such as deciding the earth is flat after all….. is NOT that they are more false. It’s that they are farther away from the norm … they have a greater arc ratio from the beaten path. Some have no intersection at all. So what. AND WHY that’s ‘so what’ is because you’re STARTING WITH THE PREMISE THAT ALL SHOULD BELIEVE IN THE SAME PROCESS.

start asking yourselves why? sometimes it’s necessary, to function as a group. but THIS much? And what happens is that human beings have finite capacity. comprehension is a finite function. those who are unable to comprehend higher science and math, do not have an accurate dumbed down version available. DO NOT. so when they are told “this is how it IS, because all of us say so!” — that then limits their own capacities and capabilities to investigate something meaningful for THEM and their lives.

And you all wonder why so many kill themselves. Let it go. All of it … your premise is wrong. We don’t have to all see it the same way. Is my innerspace concept ANY LESS crazy than a flat earth? no. But there is never AN INCLINATION to jump me when i tell people — they laugh or nod. And that is because it does not threaten the norm. Something threatens the norm, then humans jump into defense of the norm, solidifying that belief in themselves.

SO HOW YOU ARE PLAYED, is that the more a norm needs to be solidified, the more you will be motivated to defend it and declare it the reality. THEREFORE….my question ……….. is why do they need to solidify the concept of a round earth so badly? that’s all. maybe we’re in a flux universe, where every other inch actually has a mile between it and it’s all stretched at periodical intervals — you just don’t realize it because the relevance remains a constant.

it’s all how you look at things …… i simply suggest that since the children are learning to think, and can figure out how much is played faster than you can say tomato ……. (you were figuring it out too, once — we just become resigned to it). well ……maybe not allowing the plays to go on and on ad infinitum, might be something to think about. There’s not much left anyone can depend on. I understand pushing the dependence of a reality based on global science. But you realize, that they then have to UNLEARN all that in order to actually learn physics? All the concepts have to be rerouted.

I reference my grandmother a lot, even in memory she is a bit of a touchstone. And one of the things her wisdom HAD, as an educator — was the ability to LISTEN, and say that’s possible. She didn’t try to mold ideas, but grew them gently. Some of those, I’ve killed completely because I just don’t believe in mystic BS. But it took her exiting from the world, dying — for me to realize where her beliefs ended and mine began.

Mostly, don’t charge in so quickly to defend a norm, a principle of science. Because you must understand that EVEN WHAT YOU ARE DEFENDING is the inaccurate dumbed-down version for the populace. Not the actual science on it. You’re defending the layman’s view. And that’s usually JUST as inaccurate and sometimes moreso, than the reality spelled out by science itself. There is a reason physics 101 comes before physics 102. It all builds, to help grow that understanding and comprehension. You lock into something SO HARD that you can’t grow it? Gonna stay stunted. Will never “get” what you learn at the university, will ONLY MEMORIZE it. What happens when you melt and harden sand into glass? it can be shattered. don’t solidify anything. Stay sand. EVERYONE’s WRONG. get used to it.

Rote memorization of knowledge is never tested properly, never fully comprehended, only mirrored and built one ontop of another –which means some if not all of our knowledge and science, delves farther and farther into some serious inaccuracies. Because it’s built in the wrong direction. Starts with the wrong premise, one that was originally formatted in layman’s terms. Don’t judge those who want to go BACKWARDS — maybe the way forward didn’t make much sense to them and they’re trying to find something that DOES. Loosen the norms! Otherwise the amplitude of societal instability will increase as it fractures into solidified parts. You’ll all be very sure of yourselves. And surely at war. Have some doubt — some wonder. Some endless possibilities, as far as the imagination can stretch and grow, and yes…. learn.

I can hear my grandma’s voice — “You really proud of yourself, now?” Which can only mean one thing … I surpassed the need to shut up about 5 paragraphs ago.

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