Kick Ass (Graphic Novel) Review

I have loved the Kick Ass movies ever since I first watched them but I have never got into the comics, mainly because where I live there isn’t a comic store. When I saw the Kick Ass graphic novel in Waterstones I had to buy it and see what I thought of it.

The story in this comic series is that Dave has been a lover of comic books for a long time and wants to know why no one in the real world has ever tried to become a hero, after getting told he is an idiot by all his friends he goes and tries to become a super hero. Things don’t go so well at first with his first ever time trying to be a super hero he gets stabbed and is a victim of a hit and run after he just got stabbed. Even after being in hospital for many months he can’t give up the costume and is right back out as soon as he possibly can, it is from here were life gets interesting for Dave.

The story is something I have never seen before and I think that is why I loved the story so much, there wasn’t really a back story to why Dave wanted to become a super hero, he just liked the idea of helping people. The story in the comic is a lot darker then the movie, this includes someone having their testicles electrocuted (which I felt personal pain on) and a lot of aspects of the story in the comic are basically the total opposites to the movie and to be honest I prefer the story in the comic instead, as the comic basically shows good endings don’t exactly happen.

The art in this book is great, they have a lot of details were needed and just makes you want to take every little aspect of the novel in and finding out more about the story then what the speech bubbles give you.

I have also got to say while reading about hit girl I couldn’t make my mind up if she was cute or scary. The best I could do was say both, when she isn’t trying to kill someone with a massive sword then she is pretty cute and just wants to please her dad but as soon as she puts that wig on any guy with common sense would be sprinting away and hoping she doesn’t have a gun.

If you have seen the movies, then give the comics a go as it gives a different insight of the story but keeps all the great comedy and violence. If you haven’t watched the movie and this is your first time reading about kick ass, then only read if you like extreme violence and like the idea of fearing a 10-year-old girl.


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