How to choose the right photographer?

You’re pregnant and soaking up this time with your growing family, but in the back of your mind you know you need to be finding a photographer. Where do you start? The photography market is flooded with what I call DIY photographers, and for some things there is nothing wrong with that, but for your precious baby you want more. There are hundreds of photographers out there that love to cuddle babies, but lack a lot of experience in the world of newborn photography. Did you know many poses if done incorrectly can harm your baby? Photographers like myself have done hundreds of hours of research into safe poses, and editing techniques to get the perfect safe image. General photographers can lack the knowledge of safe posing and wrapping that can end up harming your baby. I’ve talked about safety, the most important reason to choose an experienced photographer, but what other reasons should you choose someone who specialises in babies? Quality! I only photograph mothers and their babies, and because of this I have plenty of flattering and quality props that are completely free to use. I have a wide selection of colors, outfits, and accessories to make any picture pop. I also provide a wide selection of maternity dresses for your special day! It’s no fun to buy an expensive dress you can only wear once. My goal is to make moms feel beautiful and confident that their babies are in safe hands. That sounds like it’s going to cost a lot! I completely understand being on a budget, and I truly believe that’s what sets me apart. You have a new baby coming, and we all know how costly that can be. I aim to provide great quality service at an affordable rate. I know you have many choices, and it can be hard to find the perfect photographer. Keep these things in mind; when it comes to babies, safety is of utmost importance. The best way to insure your baby will be safe is to find a photographer who has specialised in the field you are searching. DIY photographers can be great for a cheap simple photoshoot, but when you are wanting something captured that you can never get back be sure to choose wisely!

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