Two Year Anniversary!

*5.43 pm* Truly delighted and proud of my cooking skills. Its hereditary, guysI make awesome food.

It is quite difficult to write after a gap (even if it is of 15 days). I find it particularly hard to remember all the events that I feel are worth mentioning in my blog. My mind categorically forgets the occurrence and the sequence of everything I’ve done in the last few days when I actually sit down to write about it on Wednesdays. This needed to be fixed so I started maintaining a diary (back at it after 7 years) and every night, a new page (or four) were scribbled on. I wrote about my day, my raw and unfiltered thoughts, about anything new I must’ve learnt, my experiences and feelings about certain incidents etc. and it helped me gather a lot of unexplained emotion in one place rather than spilling it all out on this blog. I mean, it is fair to put it out here but now that I don’t write anonymously I’ve noticed that people judge me from what I write. Does that scare me? No! I will continue writing what I want. I will just keep it clean.

So, the last fifteen days went from a fun weekend with my old friends, to days with a high fever, cough and cold; from an overnight train journey to Kerala to attend a cousin’s engagement to coming back to work next day with deadlines looming over the head. A lot happened but thanks to my diary, I have a record of all of it and nothing will be missed (even when my mind defies me).

The weekend after my last blog post, my friend Apoorva (but let’s call her Ghar) came over and we met with the others- Adil, Grams and Aditya and went out for a game of pool. We also went to the famous Prithvi cafe for dinner and spent an hour at the beach in Versova. This was perhaps the most relaxing weekend I had had in a long time. We talked and laughed endlessly about everything and anything. In fact, the fully packed Prithvi cafe was empty, chairs planked up on the tables and lights shut by the time we got up to leave. That’s the thing with old friends, I guess. You could be covered in five blankets at minus thirteen degrees and they’ll just be there- talking and laughing with you, a warmth that will make you feel lucky to just be in that moment. No matter what place you’re at, and no matter how late it is, they will always have a way to make you feel at home. I’m so glad about having the friends I have ( okay, I’m not crying)

The following week, I missed work for a few days because of my cold and cough which went to an uncontrollable level- so much that Mom had to courier me the medicines asap. It got better eventually and I was ready to hop on the train to Kerala with my family to attend an engagement ceremony of the cutest couple ever – Saurabh dada & Karthika

This was my first time to Kerala. But I remember making plans to travel here in the first year of college when I had a friend (umh, should I call him that?) who was from Kerala. Little did I know that 7 years later, I’d actually be there- at Ernakulum Station, at the hotel in North Paravur or at the Cochin International Airport, a town I had once wished to be a part of (the Universe has a funny way of granting your wishes). I celebrated the union of two beautiful people and their families. Met some of the most lovely and warm folks with whom I danced and laughed. Everyone present had wide smiles across their faces, especially the new bride. Her laughter was so infectious, it made this short trip worth everything.

I had an image in my head about Kerala- wide rivers, yards full of coconut trees, small cozy houses with an organic farm in the garden, a cowshed and a tiny well, a beach close-by and a delicious mix of flavors served on a coconut leaf during meals. Kerala was exactly that and so much more! While I didn’t get the chance to roam around much, my short cab ride to the airport with folk music playing in the car (making for a perfect background effect), wide stretches of greens and a little bit of rain to add to it made for a good glimpse of what Kerala has to offer. Yet, there is so much more to it and I am looking forward to explore this- God’s own country very very soon.

Next day, I got back to work and it has been going all too well- except the fact that I haven’t gotten paid for the last two months (also because I was unemployed) and I have exhausted my savings (which were hardly anything anyway). I just can’t wait for my salary to be credited so I can buy shitload of new books! (Boss, are you listening? I need new books!)

On another note, I started this blog on WordPress in June 2017 after two failed attempts on Blogspot and Campus Diaries. I really wasn’t into it back then. But I knew I wanted to write so I created this one and today, my blog is two years and almost 50 posts old, so yay me! Here’s to writing more and loving every bit of it.

P.S. Eid Mubarak! ??

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