Top 5 unexplored places in India

After a regular dose of visiting the unexplored places, visitors can find mind-boggling pictures. Of course, you will be surprised to see there are inspiring places that will keep your glued. Here is a list of top 5 unexplored places in India that leaves you stumped.

1. Chopta, Uttarakhand
View the snow-capped mountains in Uttarakhand from Chopta.  Undoubtedly, Chopta is the prettiest spot in India coming with offbeat places. The sleepy town allows you to enchant with its towering trees, mystical meadows, warm people, and snowy backdrops.

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2.Majuli, Assam Largest River Island in India
Majuliin the Brahmaputra River is a large river island in Assam. This island comprises of 1250 square km as total. Majuli has shrunk with the surrounding river. MajuliIsland from the Jorhat city is accessible by ferries and this island is 200 kms from the Guwahati, the largest city of the state.

The island formed with the changes in the river and its tributaries. Majuli is always a wet place. This is a paradise for the bird lovers as the southern part island. It is the best between November and March to visit the place.

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3. Damro, Arunachal Pradesh
This is a suspended bridge in Arunachal Pradesh. Damro is the base in Arunachal Pradesh to the longest hanging bridge (1,000 feet). This is a hidden route and the Damro charms with its swaying suspended bridges, thatched bamboo houses, and the local’s laid-back lifestyle. Among the unexplored places in India, it is a getaway, a rural sort for exhausted city dwellers. The harvested crops sights, vast expanse of meadows, not-so-wild bison, and grasslands are really welcoming.

4. Serenity and Corals at Lakshadweep
Lakshadweep in the Laccadive Sea is a group of islands that is 200 to 440 km towards the south western coast of India. Owing to its scenic appeal and isolation, Lakshadweep was known for Indians as a tourist attraction. Water sports activities such as snorkeling, wind surfing, scuba diving, sport fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, water skiing, canoeing, sport fishing, night-voyages and yachting into the sea are popular activities among tourists.

Tourists flock to Lakshadweep islands all through the year except for the South-west monsoon months where the seas are extremely rough. The key occupation of the people living in Lakshadweep includes coconut cultivation and fishing with the tuna being the export main item.

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5. Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim
Gurudongmar Lake in the world is one of the highest lakes. It is in the North Sikkim district in the Sikkim state in India that is hardly some five kilometers from the Chinese border south. The lake is reachable by road through Thangu from Lachen.

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