The best salad of my life.

(Not my photo, I’ll get to it one day)

Today, in the attempt to not order Uber Eats yet again when I know I have plenty of things at home to whip up, I somehow also managed to scramble together the best salad I’ve ever had…ever. Big statement, I know, but I’m entirely serious. Easy to make, tasty, and filling! It even contained something that I typically can’t stand – halloumi. I know, I know, shoot me, how dare I. People love the stuff, but unless it is cooked a particular way, I really don’t get it. Most times I’ve had it at restaurants it just ends up tasting like salty rubber…y’know? Regardless, I gave it a go and I am in salad HEAVEN.

I was also not really planning on making many -if any- posts like this, about food at all, let alone an actual recipe, but here we go;

Halloumi and Sweet Potato Salad Bowl

Prep: 10-15mins
Cooking: 20-25 mins
Serves: 1



1 small-medium sized sweet potato


Chicken salt

Lemon pepper

Garlic powder

Mild chilli powder

Salt and pepper

Oil (I used Avocado oil but any vegetable oil will do)


4 pieces of thin-sliced halloumi cheese

Crushed Garlic



Mixed salad leaves – I usually go with spinach and rocket

1 lime wedge

1/2 a tomato

Balsamic vinegar

Mild chilli powder


1. Prepare the halloumi

Slice your halloumi – I prefer to have it sliced fairly thin, about 3mm thick.

Place your slices into a small container of water, covering the slices, and leave to soak.

2. Prepare the sweet potato

Preheat oven to 180°

Peel and slice the sweet potato however you would prefer – into chunky squares or as fries. Place in a container and drizzle a little oil over the top, along with sprinkles of paprika, chicken salt, lemon pepper, salt, chilli powder, garlic powder – or whatever you would prefer to season with – pop the lid on the container and SHAKE! Shake around until the potato pieces are evenly coated and seasoned. Place the potato on a tray and pop in the oven for about 20 minutes.

3. Fry up the halloumi

While the sweet potato is cooking, take your halloumi out of the water and pat dry.

Drizzle some oil in a fry pan and put onto medium heat until the oil is heated, throw in half a teaspoon of crushed garlic (be careful, it may begin to spit) and place the halloumi slices in. Leave for a couple of minutes until it is golden and a little crunchy underneath and then flip over to fry the other side. Once done, take out and put aside.

4. Prepare the salad

While the halloumi and sweet potato are cooking, prepare your salad and dressing. In a bowl, mix together your salad leaves, chopped tomato, a little balsamic vinegar, lime juice, and mild chilli powder until all is evenly coated and mixed.

You could also throw in some chopped avocado and feta but I didn’t have that on hand at the time.

5. Put it all together!

Take your sweet potato out of the oven when cooked through and leave to cool for a second. Throw the halloumi into the salad mix (I also ended up cutting the slices into smaller squares) and then chuck in your sweet potato and mix it all together and serve!

Personally, I freaking loved it. None of this was from a previous recipe or anything, I sort of just threw together what I had around, and I was obviously very pleasantly surprised. You can chop and change things here and there but this is how I made it first time around, and while I think I’ll be adding a little avocado and maybe some feta (I love feta) next time, it was amazing regardless. Let me know what you think!


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