Right Next Door by Delilah Peters | Non-Spoiler Review

88 pages| 3.88 average rating on Goodreads|Published June 10th, 2018 | Goodreads Page | Erotica| My rating: 3/5 stars | Format: E-book



Emma’s job as a nurse has her working long hours in the graveyard shift. One morning her new neighbor Will wakes her up with the sound of hammering. Annoyed, she yells to make him stop and things escalate from there. This romance novel is short, sweet and to the point and is quick enough to read in one sitting or before bed, as is advertised.

Non-Spoiler Review

I got the opportunity to read this book ahead of its publication date from Netgalley in exchange for a review! However, that being said, all thoughts are my own.

This book had pretty colorful characters in it. Emma is a tough nurse whose husband left her, and she must take care of her two kids as well as work one of the toughest jobs as a nurse. Will, her neighbor, has a special needs son and his wife also recently separated from him. I liked their chemistry in general, though I thought they hit it off too quickly and once they did, their romance went from point A to point Z really fast. Of course, it is understood that because this book is meant to be read in one sitting, or as one quick, enjoyable read, I still felt that the pace was a bit too fast.

It goes without saying that this book contains smut. That being said, I felt like they were doing stuff with each other really quickly and at one point, while kids were in the other room! I felt that as a mom, there certainly can’t be times where Emma can be alone. However, she was trying to get it on with Will, who she met only 20 pages previous, and her kids were playing in the other room. I just felt like that scene could have been improved upon.

This book was pretty good, however, in showing how a mature relationship can look like, though by mature I mean that these two already have kids and need to work around that fact. The relationship in itself wasn’t toxic at all and it was burning pretty quickly.

The ending left much to be desired and I felt like a conflict wasn’t resolved as it could have been. Again, I understand that with the genre comes easy plots and only good parts such as smut but a little more work on the plot point could have made this an even better story.

With all of that being said, this book wasn’t all that bad. Again, it had enjoyable characters, interesting points of care and exchange between the two and a nice fantasy from the “hot neighbor next door”.

Let me know your thoughts if you’re interested in this genre or if you have any further comments about these kinds of quick-read books!

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