Choosing Life

I just had the privilege of listening to a podcast featuring Pam Tebow (Tim Tebow’s mother).  The podcast was hosted by Jamie Ivey, a woman who is such an incredibly strong Christian influencer.  I have listened to several of her podcasts through the years, but this one really pulled at my heartstrings.

 Yes, I am a huge Tebow fan.  I love the Gators, which inevitably made me love Tebow even more.  I have read most of his books and completed some of his bible studies.  And I even may get a bit goggly-eyed when he appears on TV. (But, that’s beside the point! LOL.)  I have heard his parents speak during many interviews over the years, but this interview just really broke down their life and shows just how powerful Jesus Christ has been. 

Mrs. Tebow so nonchalantly explained their marriage, their family, their faith, their struggles, their trials and the many blessings they have experienced as a family, through the years.  As they have gone through life they have followed every one of God’s callings, without a question or doubt in mind. They raised their 5 children to face their fears and to trust God in all situations.  They prayed, worshiped and studied scripture as a family for many years.  Even now continuing some of their practices with their grandchildren.

As I sat here listening to how God answered their prayers and how He brought them through every trial they faced, just brought tears to my eyes.  With the current controversy going on in society today, about life, hearing the Tebow’s story affirms my beliefs about this subject.  There is nothing in this world TOO powerful for God to handle.  And when they made their ultimate decision not to terminate the life of their baby Tim, they continued to put their complete trust in the Lord and followed through with the pregnancy.  They prayed constantly for Mrs. Tebow’s health along with the health of their unborn child.  Being fully committed to the Lord, as they were, God showed up and provided for them – proving just how powerful He really is.  Believing in God’s word and God’s truth is always more powerful than believing the words of humans.     

If you have any doubt about God, any doubt about life, any doubt about prayer you should take the time to listen to this podcast. I am a firm believer in Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I believe that He chose us to be placed on this earth and He is the only one who can remove us from it.  We are His vessels and we have no power in deciding who should live on His earth or who should die. Leave that decision up to God and not to man kind!

Now, before I say too much and start a social media war, I am going to order Pam Tebow’s book titled, The Ripple Effect.  

Be blessed!




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