North Conway ’18 – Day 1

“TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!”  A huge smile spread across Zack’s face as the rest of the room broke out into gasps, screaming, and laughter.  Landing on Boardwalk is tough, landing on Boardwalk when a hotel is there, is a killer.  Zack owned it, and he relished having the power to destroy the dreams and the life’s work of anyone in the room at a moment’s notice.  A simple roll of the dice could spell doom for any one of us.

But Monopoly is full of surprises, and a person can be on top of the world and flush with cash at one moment, only to find themselves going bankrupt a short while later.  Tonight’s game was no exception, as later on Zack would go belly-up, succumbing to Emily’s Em-pire of Empires – a fate shared by everyone at the table.  Her only real competition was Sam, the Railroad Magnate, that lost everything except one dollar, but made immunity agreements with everyone left in the game.  To our surprise, Sam, a poor man’s poor man had out-witted us all – he was immune from paying any of us and could land on any space on the board with no worries (except chance, community chest, and luxury tax).  He had no deeds, and could only make money from passing Go, but his ultimate immunity would seem to guarantee him victory, or at least a stalemate, in the long run.  Until the group turned on him, and decided his immunity deals weren’t worth the paper that they weren’t printed on – and he too fell prey to Emily the Destroyer.

After three grueling hours, Emily ended up on top.  I think most of us were just relieved it was over, it was fun, but looooong.  Next time, we’ll play the quick version.

We took three cars to get here, with me, Sam, and Zack in one, Lucas drove his car with Kyle and Andrew, while Kristin drove with Emily and Amanda.  I think Kristin drew the short straw, as Emily and Amanda sang “Going to the Chapel of Love” over and over again for a large portion of the ride.  They continued to maintain this as the theme song of their vacation, and put it on the radio a number of times at the house, and sometimes accompanied it with their own singing.  Its all fun and games until you’re lying awake at night unable to sleep and “We’re goooo-ing to the chapel, and we’re gawwww-na get married” is playing over and over in your head.  Its actually quite maddening.  We all survived this, but we’ll never forgive Emily for visiting this torture upon us.

When we arrived at the house, we scouted out our new diggs, and the kids wanted to check out the pool, so I accidentally pointed in the exact opposite direction of where the pool was and off they went.  Oops.  They eventually found it and had a swim.  They returned to the house and scolded me for the poor directions.  I mixed up north and south, it could happen to anybody, and hey, those directions are totally arbitrary anyway.  Just turn the globe upside down, and I’m right.  Who decided on putting the globe the way it is anyway, it could just as easily be turned upside down and that all works too, you just have to spin it in the opposite direction.  Its all point-of-view, all of it, just point-of-view.


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